Nobody 2: Bob Odenkirk and company are already working on the sequel to ‘Nobody’


In a film industry full of sagas, sequels and adaptations, last year there were a few surprises that broke the mold. One of them was the action tape Nobody with Bob Odenkirk, which increases its chances of getting a chapter 2 every time. Ironically, a tape that was established as an original proposal, will finally enter the trend of sequels. However, we can assure you that nobody will be unhappy with the decision.

In this film, Odenkirk plays Hutch Mansel, a former criminal who currently tries to lead a normal life with his family. All of them are unaware of the darkness of their previous days and the secret would remain guarded were it not for the fact that the past comes to his door. Thus, Mansel decides to come out of retirement and return to the streets to settle accounts and endanger the criminal empire of a gangster who will try to stop him at all costs.

The public already has a weakness for Bob Odenkirk since they met him on the series breaking bad and his spin off from Netflix. However, Noboy’s success came on its own merit. Both audiences and critics favored the film. Especially for its great action sequences and the interestingness of its stories. Even on the net the rumor spread that there could be a kind of crossover between this story and the saga John Wick.

It seems that no one would be a declared enemy of the existence of Nobody 2, especially Bob Odenkirk. The actor declared recently that he remains optimistic about a sequel. In his opinion, it is only a matter of time before the studio grants the necessary permissions for the sequel to have the starting gun.

“We are working to make that happen. Universal has been very upbeat and welcoming,” he explained. Derek [Kolstad, el guionista] and I have talked about history. Not sure yet, but we’re working on it. I think the signs point to yes.”

The film had a cost of just $16 million dollars and at the end of its commercial run in theaters, the film obtained the amount of $56 million. Undoubtedly a very successful figure that will hardly be overlooked by Universal executives.

In addition, we all know that the current market is characterized by its anxiety to find that new star product that could become a saga. No doubt Bob Odenkirk’s optimism in Nobody 2, is a good sign of its realization despite the repeated teasing made by its screenwriter. And it is that Derek Kolstad, also a writer of the saga John Wickhas stated on several occasions about his intentions to connect both films.

While the possibility of the sequel is cooking. And while Kolstad finds a way to solve the impediment of studies to realize his dream crossoverfor now you can see nobody on the platform streaming Warner, HBO Max.

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