“No one speaks of Bruno” was not included in the first versions of Encanto


From a film with a very discreet run in cinemas, to a global phenomenon thanks to its launch on the platform streaming Disney Plus… So it happened with Charm, the latest animated film from the House of Mouse, about a family with magical powers that lives in an isolated and picturesque Colombian town. It certainly deserved very good reviews —partly directed at its animation and representation of Latin culture— to the point of triumphing at the last edition of the Golden Globes. But nothing raised its popularity like its repertoire of original songs, led by the catchy “No one talks about Bruno”.

In the film, Bruno is the missing uncle of Mirabel, the protagonist of the story who has the task of preventing her family’s magic from perish. She soon discovers that this relative of hers—one she’s never met—may be key to fulfilling her mission. Therefore, Mirabel is given the task of asking the rest of her family what they know about the enigmatic Bruno. This leads to a bouncy musical moment where members of his family and other townspeople explain why talking about him is forbidden.

However, “No Se Habla de Bruno” was not a song originally intended for the film, nor was that entire song and dance sequence, for the simple fact that the nature of the character was very different in the first drafts of the script. According to ByrionHowardone of the directors of Charm, at the beginning they did not intend that Bruno be someone unknown to Mirabel. What’s more, they saw him as someone very close to the protagonist’s age, “a kind of chubby and fun guy,” as she confessed to Empire.

But everything changed when Howard, Jared Bush (the other director of the tape) and charise castro smith (the co-director) reflected on the repercussions of the magical power of the character. They imagined a situation where everyone in the town considers Bruno a bird of ill omen, due to his ability to predict the future. And consequently, he decides to disappear.

“We thought about how tragic it would be [su poder mágico] because he reveals the truth. He tells people what is going to happen, but people don’t want to hear bad news. [Por eso se nos ocurrió] that he gets this terrible reputation in town, with people believing that he makes these things happen. [Y pensamos también en] how much that would hurt someone,” Howard said.

And I add:

“If he’s been missing for ten years — no one knows where he went and he has this reputation — then that really deserved a gossip song about everyone’s misperception of him.”

“There is no talk of Bruno” acquired colossal fame less than a month after the Christmas premiere of Charm in streaming. By mid-January, the song had reached fourth place on the charts. Billboard Hot 100 in the United States, which made it the best-positioned Disney theme song of the last twenty-five years (that’s right, well above “Libre soy” by Frozen). And a couple of days ago, he claimed second place on said music chart. If it rose to the first position, it would legitimize itself —based on the numbers Billboard— as the most popular Mouse House song ever, alongside “An Ideal World” by Aladdin.

In charge of the original songs of Charmthe famous Lin-Manuel Miranda is accredited.

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