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Femicides: a latent, terrifying and worrying issue in a country where impunity prevails in all its splendor. In the absence of justice, perhaps the only way to claim it is through images. And that is exactly what director Javier Ávila does with his debut documentary girl alonean x-ray as painful as it is heartbreaking about violence against women in Mexico.

What is it about?

“After the murder of Cintia, 19 years old, her mother and her older sister begin to explore their own lives, marked by abusive relationships. Both try to find an explanation for the crime and a new meaning to their lives, “reveals a synopsis of Piano.

In 2016, five femicides were registered in Tijuana, one of them was that of Cintia that occurred on September 15. Very little was said about her murder in the media, but after an article published in a local newspaper, Javier became interested in portraying the story through sounds and images:

“I based myself on a note from the weekly Zeta that Saúl Ramírez wrote, he reports five cases of femicide that occurred in Tijuana the same month, in September. The news immediately caught my attention and alarmed me,” the filmmaker told IMCINE during a talk. “Saul told me that Arcelia, Cintia’s mother, was dissatisfied with the media, not to mention the authorities, because no one knew that her daughter had been killed.. We contacted her, told her about the project and asked her if she would be interested in participating. It was very recent, we contacted her in the same September, when she immediately tells us yes. After that meeting where she tells us the story, her background and her suspicion, I decide to focus only on this case ».

The filmmaker revealed IMCINE how was the approach to Cintia’s family and the hard work to make girl alone a testimony away from the classic documentary model, but that at the same time felt like a story that evoked sorority and empathy on the subject:

I was amazed at how vivid and painful her memories are. There I wanted to mix the environment with the stories, because it seems to me that they are not only the stories of the two of them, but of all the women of that community and surely of Mexico. This mixture of voices are with us as if they were next to us, telling us what had happened and we imagine the places.

And if you are curious about the title of the documentary, Javier Ávila answers the question:

«It was a phrase that Bertha said in one of the interviews, when she was describing Villa del Campo. She said that mothers should not leave their daughters alone, that many of them were girls and walking down the street is very dangerous; that thought made me call her that, even though Cintia was an adult woman, she was 19 years old », she told IMCINE.


Appearances by Arcelia Verduzco, Bertha Calderón, Giovanny Prado and Alexis Carranza.

Release date and exhibition venues

The heartbreaking documentary by Javier Ávila He has moved audiences during his time at various festivals thanks to his human and sensitive gaze. girl alone It won the audience award at FICUNAM and the audience award for Mexican film at FotoFilm Tijuana, and was also nominated at international competitions such as the Lima Festival (Pride and Prejudice Award) and Dokfest München (Best Film).

Now, girl alone reaches national theaters from February 11, 2022.

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