Nicolas Cage to play Dracula in new Universal Pictures movie


Will he shout “I’m a vampire! I’m a vampire!”, Emulating his character from the eighties film Vampire’s kiss? Or will it be something more content? Or the opposite? The possibilities are endless when it comes to an actor so prone to flamboyance. And consequently, our curiosity also reaches stratospheric levels if we consider the paper that just fell into his lap. New reports suggest that Nicolas Cage will play Dracula himself in a future Universal Pictures film.

Nicolas Cage in Vampire’s kiss (1989)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cage will play the famous fanged in the feature film Renfield, which will actually star the homonymous psychiatric patient that Bram Stoker introduced in his novel Dracula.

Based on the pages of that seminal book – published in 1897 – Renfield is a madman in an asylum who, in addition to venerating Count Dracula of Transylvania, devours insects and all kinds of animals with the intention of absorbing his life force. This character will be played by the British Nicholas Hoult in the coming tape.

Reinfield will have the address of Chris McKay, who we remember best for titles like LEGO Batman: The Movie and The war of tomorrow. He also serves as a producer alongside David Alpert, Bryan Furst, Sean Furst and the famous cartoonist. Robert Kirkman. The latter (creator of the comics Invincible and The walking dead) was the one who originally proposed the vampiric project to Universal Pictures.

Ryan ridley (Rick and morty) lent his pen for the script of Renfield, whose argument remains secret. On the other hand, it is described as “A modern adventure story that has a comic tone” (via). The film is currently in pre-production and there is no tentative release date yet. Filming is scheduled to begin in early 2022 in New Orleans.

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This week, The Hollywood Reporter also reported that Awkwafina had joined the cast of Renfield. According to the same report, the star of Shang-chi will play “a character who forms a team with the Renfield of [Nicholas] Hoult to face the vampire king.

Excited by this kind of terrifying comedy, with Nicolas Cage as the mythical Dracula?

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