Nicolas Cage talks about the sequel to Contracara: “It’s just conjecture”


In early 2021, it was reported that there would be a sequel to Counterface, the revered 1997 film with Nicolas Cage and John Travolta. That one consisted of a thriller where an FBI agent, Sean Archer (Travolta), undergoes facial surgery to acquire the appearance of the criminal mastermind Castor Troy (Cage) and thus foil a terrorist plot. However, Troy adopts Archer’s face for his part, leading to an identity swap with unexpected consequences.

Actually the end of Counterface it did not leave the doors open for a continuation. But as we well know, nothing stops Hollywood, and apparently Paramount Pictures remains firm with the project. Or is it not, as one of the stars of the original film suggests?

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Nicolas Cage He stated that he had no news of any sequel to Counterface Developing. Admittedly, such ignorance is not so surprising, given that dead line assured that the cast of the second part would have new talent (via), which suggested the absence of Travolta and Cage. But regardless of that, the Oscar winner does not rule out that they are pure rumours.

“Very often, these things that we read about are just conjectures without any basis or foundation. I feel the same about the legend of the lost treasure 3. Fourteen years have passed,” Cage said.

Let’s remember that The legend of the lost treasure It is the Disney film saga where the famous actor gave life to the cryptographer and explorer Benjamin Franklin Gates. After two tapes, released between 2004 and 2007, much has been rumored about a third installment, which to date has still not received the green light. Otherwise, that of the upcoming Disney Plus series, which will expand the universe of The legend of the lost treasure with a new cast and a different plot line.

On the other hand, unlike a hypothetical third film about the stubborn treasure hunter, currently a sequel to Counterface seems to offer more guarantees. In February of last year, the name of Adam Wingard (Godzilla vs Kong) as director of the project, and that of Simon Barrett (Blair’s wich) as a screenwriter. And at the same time, both expressed in social networks their absolute respect for John Woo -director of the Counterface original—and his plans to make a sequel, not a remake.

In that at least, Nicolas Cage seems to agree with Wingard and Barrett’s intentions. But even so he is not convinced of a sequel, because without a doubt he will miss Woo’s vision.

Is it fun to think about it? Of course. Would [Contracara 2] an exciting movie to make? Hell yeah. But John Woo was a great voice in that movie. It couldn’t be a remake. I think these filmmakers even said the same thing: that something like this would have to be a sequel », he concluded in the talk with The Hollywood Reporter.

We will see Nicolas Cage soon in the weight of talent, an action and comedy film where he plays a fictional version of himself. Come in here to learn more about the project.

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