Nicolas Cage Talks About His Internet Popularity And Acting Style


Let’s call him explosive, extravagant, insane… Or let’s just attend a course on whether he is a good or bad actor, as it happens in a certain episode of the series Community. Anyway, Nicolas Cage offers “shot by trip” a performance that becomes memorable and likely to go viral on the internet, be it videos, memes, GIFs, or many other unusual modalities! The very current popularity of the Californian is undoubted, although it is not always for works deserving of the most prestigious awards.

The vampire’s kiss (1988)

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Nicolas Cage commented on the enormous number of products inspired by his person that circulate on the internet. For example, in extreme cases, images of sequin pillows with his face. And although he does not have a satisfactory explanation for this phenomenon, the 50-year-old histrion has theories about it.

“The main thing that goes through my head is: ‘Why?’ There are many other actors who are much more famous than me who don’t have this,” she commented. “Maybe it has something to do with the characters I’ve played and the way the internet selects the facial expressions I decided to do in the film because I wanted to free myself from naturalism.”

Since the beginning of his career in the 1980s, Cage has been characterized by a style of histrionics that many critics have called overacting. But as he himself points out, it was never his intention to opt for a naturalistic measure. In this way, his work on the sets acquired a reputation for being wild and unpredictable, at the same time that he regularly embodied characters with a certain degree of instability, with no intention of detracting from their authenticity.

“Think of the stars of silent movies, of German expressionism. I was trying to be abstract. Naturalism is a style, and I wanted to be more expressionist,” he went on to explain. “In movies like The vampire’s kiss or Counterface, these characters are larger than life and they all have problems, whether it’s mental illness, drug addiction or whatever. There is an organic engine that drives that behavior, and that’s why I made the decision to apply myself and experiment. I can honestly tell you that whatever I designed, choreographed, or vocalized, I always made sure there was genuine emotion behind it.”

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Of the aforementioned titles, The vampire’s kiss (1988) and Counterface (1997), several moments with Nicolas Cage are hilarious and unforgettable. For example, an enraged literary critic reciting the alphabet or making crazy faces while describing a horrible piece of work (inspiration for the ‘You don’t say?’ meme). Or a sociopath in religious garb who sings and dances to Händel’s “Hallelujah.”

“I think the internet’s response is because these characters are doing things that we all want to do, but are too well behaved to do in our own lives,” he added. “We’re good citizens, but I’m pretty sure we all want to blurt something out once in a while, or sing the alphabet. In a way, [esta popularidad] it’s rewarding. Ultimately, it meant that there is a connection with the audience, and people get something out of it. That’s positive.”

What do you think of the unique and unrepeatable career of this Oscar winner? The next time we see him will be in the weight of talent, an action-comedy film where Cage plays a fictional version of himself. Come in here to learn more about the project.

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