Nicolas Cage made almost 50 films in ten years: “I was never lazy”


To win an Oscar and enter the world of blockbusters, the iconic actor’s career took a sudden but financially necessary turn. Over the course of a decade, Nicolas Cage he had to give in to an infinity of proposals and appear in almost fifty films, the majority of which did not reach theaters and did not receive the slightest recognition. However, since Cage’s troubles with the treasury began in 2009, he chose to get involved in the largest number of projects and thus raise enough money to pay his debts.

On the other hand, the interpreter affirms that he never treated any of those films with negligence, no matter how unfortunate they were.

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In a recent interview with GQNicolas Cage recalled that time when the panorama began to darken. Those were times when his father had just passed away, when collectors were knocking on his door and there was no promise of new big productions in which to participate. Although of course, Cage was aware that his history of failures could explain the scarcity of multi-million dollar projects.

“The phone stopped ringing. It was like, ‘What do you mean we won’t do the legend of the lost treasure 3? It’s been fourteen years, why not?’ she asserted. “Okay, the sorcerer’s apprentice didn’t work, Ghost Rider didn’t really sell tickets e hell at the wheel it just came and went.”

There was a time when the actor Counterface He was considered one of the highest paid in Hollywood, earning up to $20 million per film. However, his poor financial management put him in a delicate situation that lasted several years, where the most logical option would have been to declare bankruptcy. To this was added that it was no longer required for films likely to sweep the box office, so Cage had to settle and hold on to wherever he was.

Many of those low-key tapes ended up right in the streaming, without ceremonies or resonance. But there were also titles that made it to festivals like the crime drama joe (2013), black comedy Dog Eat Dog (2016) and the thriller Mandy (2018). In any case, whether or not they were undiscovered gems, Nicolas Cage always gave his all for those films.

“When I was making four movies a year in a row, I still had to find something in them to be able to give it my all,” he said in the same interview. “Not all of them worked. Some of them were fantastic, like Mandy, but others did not work. But I was never lazy. So if there was a misunderstanding, it was that. That I just did it without caring. [En realidad] I cared about it”.

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According to GQNicolas Cage is now debt free and it was thanks to the large check he was able to cash for the weight of talent, an action-comedy film where he plays a fictional version of himself. The cast is complemented by Pedro Pascal and Neil Patrick Harris, under the direction of Tom Gormican.

Its theatrical release is scheduled for April 22.

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