Nicolas Cage inspired Pedro Pascal for Wonder Woman 1984 scene


Pedro Pascal admits to having been indebted to Nicolas Cage even years before he met him personally. The Chilean actor gave life to the antagonistic Max Lord in the film Wonder Woman 1984being that one a megalomaniac and visceral character in his behavior, from which —at least in one scene— Pascal wanted to channel the same energy that he saw emanating from Nic Cage in one of the many emblematic films that make up his filmography.

Later this month, it will hit theaters. the weight of talent (The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent), an action and comedy film starring Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal, where the former plays a fictional version of himself. On the other hand, it is curious that the same co-star of his had already tried to put himself in his shoes, by emulating his spirit in a previous superhero movie.

In a recent interview with ewPascal recounted that during the filming of Wonder Woman 1984, starring Gal Gadot, he wasn’t sure how to hit the nail on the head with a specific scene. But thanks to his fanaticism, he immediately thought of one of the Nic Cage movies that he saw in his teens: Vampire’s Kiss either The vampire’s kiss 1989. And there was all the inspiration I needed.

“I remember filming a scene in 1984 and instantly I thought: ‘What kind of energy do I need here?’ And I remembered Nicolas Cage, before I met him, before I even thought of doing Massive Talent. She remembered him jumping on the desk in Vampire’s Kiss, like torturing María Conchita Alonso. I remembered that scene and its energy. I obviously decided not to do that, but I wanted a fraction of that kind of chaotic energy to make the scene we were shooting that day work,” she recalled.

Although the actor did not specify what the scene in question was, it is not difficult to imagine Max Lord in general as a villain afflicted by the same self-centeredness and mental decline that characterizes Peter Loew (Cage) in The vampire’s kiss. Incidentally, it is also not inconceivable that Pedro Pascal had that film in mind while being directed by Patty Jenkins in the sequel to Wonder Woman. After all, all of Nicolas Cage’s early films accompanied the Chilean during his youth.

“We had cable TV in my house when I was quite young,” he explained to ew. “So on wire [veíamos] Valley Girl, Birdie, Racing With the Moon Y rumblefish. Then I went to the movies with my father and saw Peggy Sue Got Married, Raising Arizona, Vampire’s Kiss, Moonstruck, Wild at Heartwhich starts in the 90s″.

And I add:

“Then you go into Leaving Las Vegas, Honeymoon in Vegas… I mean, I really have seen them all. I can’t pick a favourite. but i would say that adaptation It’s one of the greatest screen performances in movie history.”

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the weight of talentby director Tom Gormican, arrives in Mexican theaters on April 28.

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