Nicolas Cage chose Tim Burton for Superman Lives, not the other way around


At the end of the 20th century, superhero movies were still in their infancy. Of course, there were already a handful of titles about flying vigilantes and masked vigilantes that proved to be very popular with the public. However, there was still nothing close to the Marvel Cinematic Universe or a foolproof formula that would guarantee box office success. On the table of the big studios there were risky proposals, and one of them was titled superman livesa film that on paper boasted Tim Burton as director already Nicolas Cage like star. But this project, so intriguing in appearance, sadly did not see the light of day, although fortunately there are anecdotes and details in the mouths of the people involved.

In a recent chat with rolling stoneNicolas Cage shared some information about the pre-production of superman lives. The interviewer’s question was directed at whether the veteran histrion saw it possible to revive the project, now that the DC Extended Universe is about to venture into the multiverse, for which (in theory) it could include his shaggy version of the Man of Steel. However, Cage first wanted to specify who was first, if he or Tim Burton, to sign a contract for the tape.

“I have to be careful what I say about these things. What is it about comics that just go everywhere exponentially in a fraction of a second? ScreenRant). «What I want to put on record is that Tim Burton did not choose me. I chose Tim Burton. They wanted Renny Harlin, and he’s a good guy and perfectly capable.. But for me, the vision I had for Kal-El was more of a Tim Burton-style presentation universe.”

Filmmaker Renny Harlin came from directing the blockbuster films DieHard 2 Y cliff hanger. Therefore, it is not surprising that Warner Bros. Pictures wanted to put him in the directing chair for a new Kryptonian film, after the saga. Superman starring Christopher Reeve. On the other hand, Tim Burton had credited the stylized and multi-million dollar Batman from 1989, in addition to the hilarious Mars Attacks! 1996, which earned him the admiration of Cage. However, according to the interpreter, the performance of that second title – which was barely able to recover the invested budget – caused Warner to have doubts about Burton.

“I was a big fan of Mars Attacks!«, assured Cage (via The Playlist). “The studio was concerned about Mars Attacks!, but they hired Tim for my request, and then they shut everything down. That has always been both positive and negative for me. It’s positive because it left the character—and what Tim and I could have done—in the realm of the imagination, which is always more powerful than the concrete. And it’s negative in that I think [la película] It would have been special.”

And he added between laughs:

“Is there any chance [de hacer Superman Lives algún día]? Who knows. I don’t know. To answer your question, I don’t know.”

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superman lives managed to hold several scripts written -one of them by Kevin Smith-, in addition to wardrobe tests and a premiere scheduled for 1998. However, between budget problems and creative differences, the idea did not advance further and was confined in the trunk of memories. . The documentary The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?from 2015, provides a behind-the-scenes tour from the beginning of the project until its cancellation.

In more optimistic news, in less than two weeks we will see the great return of Nicolas Cage to the big screen with the weight of talent, an action tape where Cage embodies a fictional version of himself. His arrival in Mexican theaters will take place on April 28.

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