New characters revealed for Wednesday, Tim Burton’s upcoming series


Soon, the most extravagant family in film and television will have more unusual, not to mention twisted, adventures. And as the captain of this ship, he figures neither more nor less than the mind behind fantastical and moving films, such as The big fish, but also dark and scary, like The Headless Horseman. The Serie live-action Wednesday, focused on the sinister heiress of the Addams family, is in development by Netflix. But in addition to the characters we all know and love, this project directed by Tim Burton will include new faces that will contribute to the reinvention of such an iconic franchise.

A few hours ago, reports came in about who are the ten actors who recently joined the cast of Wednesday, as well as what their respective roles are. Earlier, it was revealed that Jenna ortega would give life to the titular character, who in Latin America we know as Merlina Addams. The veteran stars Catherine Zeta-Jones and Luis Guzman They were signed to play Morticia and Homer Addams, the unforgettable parents of the pale girl with braids.

«The series shows Wednesday Addams’ years as a student at Nevermore Academy. [Habrá] Wednesday’s attempts to master his emerging psychic ability, to thwart a monstrous murder spree that has terrorized the local city, and to solve the supernatural mystery that involved his parents 25 years ago, “dictates a synopsis released several months ago.

According to Deadline, other actors and actresses who will be regular in the upcoming red “N” show are the following:

  • Riki Lindhome (Knives Out), in the role of the Dr. Valerie Kinbott, a local therapist who pays special attention to Merlina, her most recent patient.
  • Jamie McShane (Mank), in the role of Donovan Galpin, a bailiff who has problems with Nevermore Academy, as well as a desire to get revenge on Homer Addams.
  • Hunter doohan (Your Honor), In the role of Tyler galpin, unlikely friend of Merlina and son of the local sheriff.
  • Emma myers (Girl in the Basement), In the role of Enid Sinclair, Merlina’s cheerful and colorful roommate, who hails from a Californian pack of werewolves.
  • Thora Birch (Ghost world), In the role of Tamara novak, Merlina’s supervisor and the only “normal” on the Nevermore staff with a focus on botany.
Christina Ricci played Merlina in the 90s movies of The Addams Family.

For the sake of bringing a greater supernatural dose to Nevermore Academy, they will also feature:

  • Georgie farmer (Treadstone), In the role of Ajax Petropolus, a shy student who is also a gorgon.
  • Moosa Mostafa (Nativity Rocks!), In the role of Eugene Otinger, an eccentric student and president of the beekeeping club.
  • Naomi J. Ogawa (Skylines), In the role of Yoko tanaka, a gothic-style Nevermore vampire, inspired by Harajuku fashion.
  • Joy sunday (The Beta Test), In the role of Bianca barclay, one of the most popular students and a descendant of mermaids with great power of persuasion.
  • Percy hynes White (The Gifted), In the role of Xavier Thorpe, an artistic and charismatic student, son of a wealthy and famous psychic.

What expectations do you have of these intriguing characters that make up Tim Burton’s next project? Sadly, there is no news yet on the rest of the Addams family, namely little Pericles, Uncle Lucas, helpful Largo, or magical Grandma Addams. However, it would be unheard of for any of them to make an appearance on the series. Even Uncle Thing shouldn’t be omitted!

Composed of eight episodes, Wednesday boasts scripts from the duo Alfred Cough and Miles Millar (Smallville). The show does not yet have a release date on Netflix.

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