Netflix removed BoJack Horseman joke so as not to anger David Fincher


It’s not what it seems. David Fincher never actually found out there was a scene about him in the first season of BoJack Horseman. But Netflix did consider that it was pertinent to ask the creator of the series to remove it for fear that the director of Zodiac get upset.

The creator of the adult animated series, Raphael Bob-Waksberg, revealed recently that in the past he had to edit a large section of chapter number seven of the first season, at the request of Netflix. He revealed it while brooding over the power of comedians to be able to say what they want without any censorship from the titan of the streaming. Maybe that’s the way it is now, but for Waksberg the story was very different.

“It still puzzles me that apparently the deal with Dave Chapelle is that he says what he wants and Netflix just has to put it out, unedited. Is that normal for comedians? Bob-Waksberg wondered on Twitter. “Because Netflix once asked me to change a joke because they were worried it might upset David Fincher.”

It is important to remember that it was David Fincher who helped Netflix position itself where it is now. He was the first director and producer to make original content for them. Of course we mean the ill-fated House of Cards, which by the time the first season of BoJack Horseman It had already been on the air for two successful seasons.

However, the creator of BoJack He thanked the platform in a way for its suggestion to delete the sequence in question. Now he recognizes that it was not entirely good and that the fact of mentioning the matter is not out of resentment, but to prove that regardless of the studio and the platform, you should always take care of the content that is released on the air.

“I just looked for Fincher’s removed joke because I couldn’t really remember it,” he continued. “Turns out it was quite a scene! Netflix was right to note that it is a silly scene. My point is that it is silly for a network to pretend to have their hands tied when it comes to the content they publish on their network.

In the scene in question BoJack and Princess Carolyn meet Fincher in a baby shower and he greets the princess with a “What’s up, whore?” She later calls him a “skinny bitch” and the whole thing is topped off with a reference to the dialogue “What’s in the box?” from his famous movie Seven.

Raphael Bob-Waksberg noted in his post that it was a good decision. Especially since by then they were still struggling a bit with finding the right tone for the show. So, no hard feelings.

BoJack Horseman ended after six seasons that ran from 2014 to 2020. Meanwhile David Fincher produced for Netflix another series called Mindhunter that you are currently on a long hiatus; as well as the movie Mank of his own authorship. In addition, a documentary called Voir that explores all that is wonderful about cinema.

The Netflix entry removed BoJack Horseman’s joke so as not to upset David Fincher was first published in Cinema PREMIERE.


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