Netflix holds discussions for a prequel series to The Crown


Netflix’s crown jewel, and a couple more gems? According to recent reports, the red “N” intends to raise a prequel series of The Crown. At the moment, the acclaimed dramatic show – which chronicles several decades in the life of Queen Elizabeth II of England – boasts four seasons released and two more on the way. On the other hand, let’s not rule out that the title becomes a promising franchise of the king of streaming.

According VarietyNetflix and Left Bank Pictures (production house of The Crown) are currently discussing the possibility of a new series that serves as a prequel to the Emmy-winning title. It should be noted that this is not yet a solid project. No proposal is under development nor has it received the green light from the digital distributor.

There are also some speculations circulating around the plot line that, if confirmed, the reported show would follow. It would begin with the death of Queen Victoria in 1901 and extend to the events with which it began. The Crown (Queen Elizabeth’s wedding in 1947). Its creator, Peter Morgan, would also take the reins of the prequel, which (according to the same rumors) would be composed of between three and five seasons.

The Crown was the top winner of the 2021 Emmy and the first drama series to win simultaneously in all major categories, including acting, writing and directing. Throughout its first four seasons, the show boasted the award-winning leads of Claire Foy and Olivia Colman, who play Queen Elizabeth at different points in her life. For the next two batches of episodes – the last ones, according to previous reports – Imelda Staunton will assume the role of the monarch.

“I think the added challenge for me, as if I needed to, is that I’m playing the Queen that we’re a little bit more familiar with,” Staunton commented in 2021, on the challenges of bringing that character to life (via Variety). “With Claire Foy, it was almost history and now I’m embodying a [versión mayor] with which people could say: ‘She doesn’t do that, she’s not like that’».

The fifth season of The Crown It will arrive on Netflix in the fall of 2022. There is no specific release date yet. New faces in the cast also include Elizabeth Debicki (Princess Diana), Dominic West (Prince Charles), Jonathan Pryce (Prince Philip) and Lesley Manville (Princess Margaret).

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