Movies from Anima Studios will be available on Disney Plus


Within the framework of its 19th anniversary, as the leading animation studio in Latin America, Ánima Estudios announced that, together with Videocine Distribución, they reached an agreement with The Walt Disney Company Latin America to distribute through Disney Plus the Mexican saga baptized as The legends of Anima.

Fernando De Fuentes and José García de Letona, founding partners of Ánima Estudios, confirmed that the streaming Mickey Mouse has acquired the distribution rights for the suspense and comedy films starring the young Leo San Juan. The titles are The legend of La Llorona (2011); The legend of the Guanajuato mummies (2014); The legend of the Chupacabra (2016); and The legend of the Charro Negro (2018).

“Since the release of the first film in 2007 (The legend of the Nahuala), The leyendsThey have remained among the favorites of the Mexican public, breaking records, each one managing to surpass the previous one at the box office, ”said García de Letona. “With a group of fans that grows day by day and with stories that include creatures and specters, we have no doubt that these titles will be of great interest to the Disney + audience in Latin America,” added De Fuentes Sainz through a release.

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What is The Legends about?

“The movies of The leyends They tell about the adventures of Leo San Juan, a young hero who has the ability to communicate with ghosts and creatures, who, with the help of his legend-hunting team, ends up deciphering the mysteries behind the places affected by fearsome specters. While fighting against these supernatural forces, Leo always solves the mystery behind each creature by taking him, along with his friends, on incredible adventures full of suspense and comedy »(via).

Anima Studios Disney movies

The box office success of Ánima Estudios

In accordance with official data from the National Chamber of the Cinematographic Industry (CANACINE), Ánima Estudios productions have been placed within the TOP 10 as the highest grossing animated films in the country. Although the first three places of the TOP are occupied by Huevocartoon with A rooster with many eggs ($ 167,808,502 million pesos); An egg movie ($ 142,347,787 million pesos) and Another movie of eggs and a chicken ($ 113,588,002 million pesos); Ánima Estudios shines with the following data:

  • The legend of the Charro Negro – $ 100,848,993 million pesos (fifth position)
  • The legend of the Chupacabra – $ 100,106,252 million pesos (sixth position)
  • The legend of the Guanajuato mummies – $ 92,252,814 million pesos (seventh position)
  • The legend of La Llorona – $ 55,416,479 million pesos (eighth position)
  • The legend of the Nahuala – $ 42,242,637 million pesos (tenth position)
Anima Studios Disney Plus movies
Source: CANACINE (via)

More projects

Since 2017, you can enjoy The leyends (26 episodes; 2 seasons), an animated series, distributed by Netflix, based on the series of films The Legends. Among the upcoming premieres of Ánima Estudios, the film stands out The Legends: The Origin (2021).

Ánima Estudios will be 20 years old in 2022 and to celebrate it also announced the production of productions aimed exclusively at young / adult audiences and one of the first projects to arrive will be an animated series entitled The Santos, based on the movie The Santos vs. The Busty Mendoza (2012).

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