Movies about women writers who have left their mark: Literature and cinema


Best biographical films about women writers. Literature and cinema have always kept a close relationship and, as proof of this, there are the many literary works adapted and transferred to the big screen by different authors. However, the films have also opened a window to take a closer look at the life and work of writers famous to tell us, with respective fictional overtones, the different moments of their lives with extremely inspiring, but also heartbreaking stories.

In these, the writers show that in the face of all adversities their creative spirit has transcended through time. Here is a list of the best biographical films that explore, from different nuances, the personality of these creatives of literature.

An angel at my table (Directed by Jane Campion, 1990)

Based on the writer: Janet Frame.

Best biographical films about famous women writers

The film is an adaptation of the autobiography of New Zealand novelist Janet Frame. It tells of his turbulent childhood full of deficiencies in a fairly large family. The heartbreaking thing about this matter is discovering how she was relegated from a young age because she was considered an abnormal person, which led to her being locked up in a mental institution for a period of eight years. However, none of this prevented her from developing her talent and becoming one of the most important novelists and short story writer in her country. An angel at my table it triumphed at the Venice International Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival.

Young Astrid (Directed by Pernille Fischer Christensen, 2018)

Based on the writer: Astrid Lindgren.

Best biographical films about famous women writers

The film starring Alba August is a biopic based on the Swedish writer Astrid Lindgren, creator of Pippi Longstocking, a character who ended up becoming a worldwide phenomenon for several generations of children and adults. The narrative focuses on exposing how the creative managed to become a true feminist icon. Also, the review He called the feature full of courage, very emotional and, technically speaking, they applauded the smooth, relaxed camera movements and beautiful compositions.

A Storm in the Stars (Dir. Haifaa al-Mansour, 2018)

Based on the writer: Mary Shelley.

Biographical films of famous writers

Starring Elle Fanning, Maisie Williams, and Douglas Booth, A Storm in the Stars It is about the life and work of British author Mary Shelley. On this occasion, the Saudi director used her argument to tell the love story between the writer and the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, a relationship that inspired her to write that famous novelFrankenstein. By the way, the film had its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Julia (Dir. Fred Zinnemann, 1977)

Based on the writer: Lillian Hellman.

Based on the book Pentimento: Julia by American playwright and screenwriter Lillian Hellman, Julia recounts the friendship between Hellman and his friend Julia during the 1920s. At some point, both decide to separate to follow different professional paths; However, the anxiety to meet again puts them in serious danger, since Nazism is in full swing. The film is also concerned with revealing the political commitment that the writer had, especially in anti-Nazi activities before World War II. Julia stars Jane Fonda and Vanessa Redgrave, who won an Oscar in the category of Best Supporting Actress. The film also achieved a statuette in the category of Best Supporting Actor for Jason Robards and Best Adapted Screenplay for Alvin Sargent.

History of a passion (Dir. Terence Davies, 2016)

Based on the poet: Emily Dickinson.

History of a passion (Dir. Terence Davies, 2016)

This biopic focuses its narrative on the life and work of the American poet Emily Dickinson, revealing that she spent most of her life at her parents’ home in Amherst, Massachusetts. The film strives to portray the lonely life that he suffered, but that even in his state of seclusion, his works crossed the barriers of time and space.

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Out of Africa (Dir. Sydney Pollack, 1985)

Based on the writer: Karen Blixen.

Best biographical films about famous women writers

Based on the autobiographical bookMemories of Africaby Danish writer Karen Blixen and starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, Out of Africa tells the story of Karen (Streep), a woman who contracts a marriage of convenience with Baron Blixen, an inveterate womanizer with whom she travels to Kenya with the purpose of exploiting a coffee plantation. However, her life changes when in African lands she falls madly in love with Denys Finch-Hatton (Redford), an adventurous and romantic man who loves freedom above all else. The film earned Sydney Pollack an Oscar for Best Film and Best Director, but also won more statuettes in the category of Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Cinematography, among others.

Iris: Indelible Memories (Dir. Richard Eyre, 2001)

Based on the writer: Iris Murdoch.

Based on John Bayley’s novel of the same name about Irish philosopher and writer Iris Murdoch, the film is a journey through her life and work by portraying her passionate and inspiring marriage to John Bayley, as well as her academic achievements and, of course, her greatest successes. , but most of all his heartbreaking battle with Alzheimer’s disease. Iris: Indelible Memories it’s so endearing especially thanks to the stellar performance of Kate Winslet and Judi Dench, who were nominated for an Oscar.

The hours (Dir. Stephen Daldry, 2002)

Based on the writer: Virginia Woolf.

The Hours (Dir. Stephen Daldry, 2002)

Based on the homonymous novel by Michael Cunningham who recreates the life of Virgina Woolf while writingMrs. DallowayIn 1923, the film introduces us to three women from different eras and generations who have the same thing in common: the novel by Virginia WoolfMrs. Dalloway. The film has different levels of drama, as we are witnesses to the bipolar episode that afflicted the British writer. The hours It is most notable for its stellar cast of Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore, Meryl Streep, Claire Danes, Toni Collette, Ed Harris and more.

The goodbyes (Dir. Natalia Beristáin, 2017)

Based on the writer: Rosario Castellanos.

The goodbyes (Dir. Natalia Beristáin, 2017)

The only Mexican that appears in this list of films about women writers corresponds to The goodbyes by Natalia Beristáin when we have the information. The drama starring Karina Gidi and Daniel Giménez Cacho is a journey through the life of the Mexican writer, journalist and diplomat Rosario Castellanos. The feature film invites us to discover her political stance on the role of women in Mexico and to look closely at her romantic relationship with Ricardo Guerra Tejada. The goodbyes She shone at the Morelia International Film Festival in 2017, while at the Ariel Awards, actress Karina Gidi won the Silver Ariel in the category of Best Female Performance.

Mrs. Parker and the vicious circle (Dir. Alan Rudolph, 1994)

Based on the writer: Dorothy Parker.

Best biographical films about famous women writers

This selection within our list of biographical films about women writers, is concerned with introducing us to the life, career and even love affairs of the multifaceted American Dorothy Parker, who served as a short story writer, playwright, theater critic, humorist, screenwriter, poet and even defender of social rights. On this occasion, the filmmaker Alan Rudolph looks through the chiaroscuro of her person to portray her as a woman ahead of her time, but with emotional problems and a strong alcoholism.

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