Movie tickets in Mexico are now 30% more expensive

For almost a decade, the film industry in our country managed to escape the inflationary consequences. However, the pandemic season meant a severe blow to the economy in different areas, including entertainment. The movie complexes finally failed to escape the clutches of inflation and now, in the middle of 2022, buying movie tickets in Mexico results in an increase of 30% compared to 2019.

According to data collected by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography for Mexico City, going to the movies this year is more expensive. On average, the price of tickets increased by 30% from May 2019 to May 2021. This was a direct consequence of inflation and the losses caused by the health crisis.

Although the cinemas never obeyed the inflationary increases to the letter. And this was never directly and proportionally reflected in their ticket entries for almost 10 years, finally the pandemic came to effect the change. With the reactivation of theaters, the most important thing for chains like Cinépolis and Cinemex is to restore the influx to theaters.

During the year 2019, 350 million tickets were sold. The highest mark the industry had in almost 10 years. But said numbers have not been seen since. Now the economic recovery after long periods of inactivity in these businesses, results in a palpable difference for the consumer.

For example, before the pandemic, the cost of a ticket in a traditional room was approximately 85 pesos. Now the same access can cost up to 110 pesos. Of course, it all depends on the location of the cinema complex, the day and the time the function is scheduled.

However, the variant between hours and days is not as effective today. Previously, many moviegoers preferred to go to functions matinee. Those scheduled earlier in the day, because the cost of the ticket was cheaper. In 2022 the matinee schedule is no longer a guarantee of a lower price. Three years ago the average for this type of ticket was 51 pesos and now it is 71 pesos.

Nor are those who prefer to go to the cinema on days of low demand. This would be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. In those days, tickets after noon cost an average of 79 pesos and now 85 pesos. Although the increase is not huge, it is something that has not happened for almost ten years.

The general director of Canacine, Tabata Vilar, pointed out for Expansion that this increase finally took place after a decade of more or less stable prices. Even so, Vilar considers that the increase seen this year is not so considerable if the accumulated inflation from 2019 to 2022 is taken into account. An approximate percentage of 17.23%.

The almost 30% increase in movie tickets in Mexico affected all formats. Those who like more comfortable seats and service to their seat, now also pay more. The VIP ticket in 2019 cost 160 pesos and now it is sold for approximately 180 pesos. The accesses in IMAX theaters cost an average of 130 pesos and now they can reach up to 150.

Estimates calculate that the prices of combos and confectionery products are also higher. As always, both the INEGI and the sensing organizations can present percentages and estimates. But nobody like the regular assistant can have a better opinion about the repercussions of this type of change.

How have you undergone the changes?

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