Moon Knight Writer Explains The Problem He Had In Fantastic Four


Moon Knight and the Fantastic Four by Josh Trank have a few things in common. Both are based on Marvel characters, but mostly they were written by the same screenwriter. Jeremy Slater was the man behind bringing Mr Fantastic and company back to the big screen. And he too lived to see his attempt fail miserably. It doesn’t look like the same is going to happen with Moon Knight, but at least now he’s reflecting on what went wrong with that turbulent and failed production.

While answering questions for fans, Slater had the opportunity to deepen a little about the differences between both productions. An Internet user asked him what was wrong when configuring Fantastic Four and what lessons from that were of vital help at the moment of bringing to the screen Moon Knight. For the writer the answer was very clear. And it all had to do with trying to emulate the successful formula of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Well, a lot of my problems with Fantastic Four stemmed from the fact that I was trying to write it like it was an MCU movie. And that was not what the director wanted. I no longer had that problem here [con Moon Knight]».

By the year 2015 in which the fantastic quartet movie was released, the MCU had already concluded its first phase and was looking to reach the climax of the second. This means that the formula was already well established and was proven successful.

Of course, the studios wanted to emulate the style and this situation was a conflict for the authors and directors who sought to do the same. Fantastic Four by Josh Tank is remembered as one of the most infamous comic book adaptations in all of cinema. The director’s vision was rather to configure something similar to The fly and all those science fiction and horror films.

The film had a budget of 120 million dollars plus the expenses incurred in the advertising campaign. In the end, the film only made an estimated $167.9 million, which for 20th Century Fox was more of a loss than a profit.

Fortunately, it is a project that has been forgotten and will soon be reconfigured. Disney and Marvel already plan to make a new adaptation of fantastic four with Jon Watts as director, the man behind the most recent spider-man. For months casting rumors have failed to predict the timing of the announcement, but we think it’s closer than ever.

In the meantime Moon Knight is the new MCU television series that is now available on Disney Plus. It is the adaptation of one of the longest-lived heroes in comics and the first approach on the screen to the superheroic Egyptian lore with Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke in the lead. New episodes premiere every Wednesday.

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