Moon Knight: Ethan Hawke proposed the idea of ​​broken glass in his sandals


For much of his career, the Oscar nominee has preferred to avoid the role of insane or outlandish villain, not wanting it to be how his fans remember him. However, the series Moon Knight became one of those very rare projects in which Ethan Hawke he ignored his rule, in this case, to play the antagonistic Dr. Arthur Harrow. And curiously, from his first scene in the Marvel Studios show, the histrion chose to highlight a particularly chilling trait of the character.

Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow in Moon Knight (2022)

The first episode of Moon Knight —premiered on Disney Plus on March 30— begins with close-ups of Harrow, who breaks a glass with his cane and pours the glass remains into sandals. The villain, whose face evades the camera, proceeds to put those sharp shoes on his bare feet and walks away, turning his back on us bewildered onlookers.

In a recent interview with Variety, Ethan Hawke acknowledged that this introductory moment came from an idea of ​​his, which was eventually listened to, accepted and complemented by the creative team of the series. The actor also shared that the origin of his proposal was linked to the way in which some comics give a full page to a single vignette, in order to emphasize a climactic moment or give a certain character enormous prominence.

“When you read a comic, some of the pages have eight drawings [viñetas]Some have 16, some have four, and then every once in a while they give the villain a full page drawing,” he explained. “I kept asking writers and directors, if it was a comic, what would its full page drawing be? [de Arthur Harrow]».

Those same people then motivated Hawke to discover the answer for himself. And after some thought, based on Harrow’s own nature—a religious fanatic and cult leader—the performer figured out the perfect way to introduce the antagonist, not just in print but in the television adaptation.

“I really started to meditate on that and thought about spiritual people going crazy, going crazy with their own spiritual pride. And how often does that turn inward and you see that they’re secretly hurting themselves in some way and hating themselves,” she commented. “So, with self-hatred and turning inward, I had this image of him [Harrow] listening to a hymn while putting broken glass in his shoes, which he hides from other people.”

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Said image was eventually shared with the House of Ideas team, first with the intention of explaining the villain’s use of a cane. However, beyond its practicality, Marvel Studios perceived the great impact that this scene would have on the audience of Moon Knight. “They said, ‘Let’s shoot that. It’s a great idea. Let’s open the program with that’. And I was like, ‘Okay, well, I guess these guys want to play,'” Hawke added in his recent statement.

Finally, the actor pointed out that when shooting the scene in question, there was obviously no real glass in the sandals, but crystal candy that disintegrated in a heartbeat. “I didn’t go completely like Daniel Day-Lewis and cut the bottoms of my feet,” he joked.

Moon Knight, with Oscar Isaac in the title role, is the latest title to be added to the television branch of the MCU. Each new episode —of a total of six— will be released every Wednesday in the Disney Plus Latin America catalog. Come in here to read our review of the exciting opening chapter.

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