Moon Knight director criticizes Wonder Woman 1984: “It was a shame”


Muhammad Diabdirector of the upcoming series Moon Knightdoes not have good comments about the movie Wonder Woman 1984. While the Marvel Studios show promises an accurate representation of Eastern culture, the Warner Bros. Pictures film would have failed in that task. In fact, being an Egyptian-born filmmaker, Diab recently confessed to feeling outraged at the time of seeing that sequel about the Amazon warrior.

in conversation with sfxmagazine (via ScreenRant), Mohamed Diab spoke about how the television series Moon Knight takes up mythological elements of Ancient Egypt. The director even acknowledged that the proposal presented to Marvel Studios harbored a deep interest in providing an authentic image of his native country, alien to the stereotypes perpetuated by the US film industry.

“In my proposal, there was a big part about Egypt and [hablaba sobre] how inauthentic it has been portrayed throughout Hollywood history,” Diab commented. «It is always exotic, we call it orientalism. That dehumanizes us. We’re always naked, we’re always sexy, we’re always mean, we’re always over the top.”

The director remarked that he and his countrymen are often infuriated that certain films set in Cairo are not filmed there, but in Jordan, Morocco or Spain. Such would have been the case Wonder Woman 1984, whose moments where the story supposedly travels to the capital city of Egypt were actually shot on location in Spain. However, what shocked Mohamed Diab the most was the old-fashioned and clichéd recreation that, in her opinion, the filmmaker Patty Jenkins made of the people and cities of the Middle East.

«I remember seeing Wonder Woman 1984 where there is a great sequence in Egypt and it was an embarrassment for usDiab said. “You had a sheikh, that doesn’t make any sense to us. Egypt looked like a country from the Middle Ages. It looked like the desert«.

On the other hand, it is not the first time that the director of Moon Knight lashes out at a DC Extended Universe feature film. Days before, the Egyptian reproached those responsible for the upcoming Black Adam for not taking advantage of their representation opportunities. As established by the original comics, the titular antihero hailed from Egypt. However, a later arc in the comics chose to alter his origins. Consequently, Black Adam now hailed from the fictional nation of Kahndaq, a setting that the film adaptation—starring Dwayne Johnson—decided to stick with.

In that sense, Mohamed Diab accepts that it is not entirely an error of the tape Black Adam. In the end, his only sin would be to rely on prints that omit the character’s Egyptian roots. However, the director believes that this installment of the DCEU “was destined to happen in Egypt”, in addition to having actresses and actors from that country.

«I was really upset with DC when they set Black Adam in a fictional Middle Eastern country as an excuse to single out non-Egyptians, when obviously [la película] was meant to happen in Egypt,” he said (via CBR). «Representation opportunities should not be wasted«.

In the case of Moon Knight, Diab made sure to bring in talent from Egypt—including an editor, costume designer, and performers—for his cast and production team. Let us remember that although the series is carried out by an American Jew, Marc Spector (Oscar Isaac), the story is wrapped in a rich Egyptian mythology.

the premiere of Moon Knight It will happen on April 30, through the Disney Plus platform. Come in here to know all the details of this new MCU show. excited?

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