Mission Impossible 8 would be Tom Cruise’s last movie as Ethan Hunt


When thinking of actors committed to giving their best —physically and mentally— it is inevitable to think of Tom Cruise and the indelible mark he has left on action and espionage cinema. Since 1996 and over the course of six films, the star of the film saga Mission Impossible made Ethan Hunt one of the most fearless and opinionated characters on the big screen, spiced up by Cruise’s uncompromising stance to star in his own stunts, even the most dangerous ones.

On the other hand, we well know that nothing is forever. Sooner or later, the famous New Yorker—who will be sixty years old in July 2022—will have to say goodbye to the Mission Impossible Force. And it seems that this climax will happen in the upcoming eighth film in the franchise.

Currently the seventh and eighth installment of Mission Impossible they navigate different stages of production; in both cases, after suffering logistical and budgetary setbacks. That is, collateral effects of filming delays, which in turn happened due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The original plan was to shoot both films simultaneously, but the health crisis changed it. And beyond the delicate global health situation – persistent with the Omicron variant – the pressure is even greater for Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie. Why? For his reported intention to close the saga with those two future films.

According to Variety, the idea is that Mission Impossible 8 —linked to Mission Impossible 7 through a cliffhanger— serve “as a farewell to the character of Ethan Hunt”. A source close to the production would have even referred to that pair of titles as a “culmination” for the entire series of films.

Cruise and McQuarrie would seek to grant “an energetic goodbye to the super spy”. And for this, he fell into his hands a gigantic unprecedented budget, which (to be fair) was not even originally contemplated. according to numbers of Variety, alone Mission Impossible 7 demanded to disburse $290 million dollars. This vastly exceeded—by tens of millions—the investment originally established by Paramount and Skydance Media. But due to the readjustments in locations and production dates, in addition to the implementation of security protocols, that significant increase in expenses became necessary.

Mission Impossible 7 It is already the most expensive film in the entire franchise and by a huge margin. The previous tape Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018), had an estimated budget of $178 million dollars. In other words, the budget difference between the sixth and seventh installments was $112 million, slightly less than was invested in the production of Mission Impossible 2 (2000).

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Last month, they unveiled new release dates for the following films with Ethan Hunt.

“After careful consideration, Paramount Pictures and Skydance have decided to postpone the release dates of Mission Impossible 7 & 8 in response to delays due to the ongoing pandemic. The new release dates will be July 14, 2023 and the June 28, 2024, respectively. We look forward to providing moviegoers with an unparalleled theatrical experience,” said a Paramount spokesperson.

With Tom Cruise, the premiere of Top Gun: Maverick. This sequel to the iconic eighties film is expected to hit theaters on May 27, 2022.

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