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Do we really know how they are conceived and what is behind beauty pageants? All is glamor, fame and success? The answer is offered by the writers Lucia Puenzo (XXY), Maria Renée Prudencio and Tatiana Merenukwho present miss 89a thriller in an 8-episode series format, set in the glamor Mexican of the 80s through beauty pageants. Ilse Salas (girls well) will be one of the protagonists of this story, who will give life to Concepción, the matriarch of the most important beauty pageant in the country.

“My character is Concepción. I really like that she is a female leader because being a woman does not exempt you from exercising patriarchal power. That makes it more complex; we are also talking about the 80s, which is a time very close to ours. My generation grew up with various social conditions of that time; so it is very strong and very confrontational to address issues that we have normalized for decades. The fact that it’s a thriller makes it even more exciting, especially because the eighties are very fun and exotic”, said Ilse Salas at a virtual press conference where she was present Cinema PREMIERE.

What is it about Miss 89?

A revealed synopsis, through a statement, promises us that miss 89 It will be a thriller where appearances can be deceiving and will explore the dark side of glamor in Mexico through beauty pageants:

«miss 89 it’s a thriller set in the glamor of 1980s Mexico. It follows Concepción (Ilse Salas), the matriarch of the most important beauty pageant in the country, who, together with a team of expert makeup artists, trainers and even surgeons, receives at her estate ‘ La Encantada’ to the 32 finalists. There they will live 3 months of hard training until they reach the Miss Mexico pageant. The truth is that under the appearances, the clothes and the makeup there is a dark world where in the end the contestants will compete not only to take the crown, but also to get out of the contest alive.

At the end of the 80s, we meet the 32 finalists from different states of the Mexican Republic, who are preparing for the closing of the most important beauty pageant in the country. Among glamorluxuries, dance classes, photo sessions, physical training, culture classes and lots of fun, the candidates gradually discover that their idyllic stay will turn into a nightmare when they fall into a network of power that threatens to enslave and prostitute them…

Miss 89 series Bárbara López

“It’s a story written by women and starring women. We have tried not to victimize these beauty queens even if they were in a very atrocious world as a consumer product for men”, highlighted the screenwriter Lucía Puenzo in a virtual press conference.

Those responsible for this production commented that the filming of the series took place in various locations in Acapulco, Oaxaca and Ciudad Juárez.

Cast and production crew

The cast of the series miss 89 includes important acting figures such as Ilse Salas, Ximena Romo as Elena (The goddess of the asphalt), Barbara Lopez (Miss Guerrero), Leidi Gutiérrez (Miss Tijuana), Coty Camacho (Miss Oaxaca), Natasha Dupeyrón (Miss Yucatan), John Manuel Bernal, Edwarda Gurrola (Luisa and right hand of Concepción), the Chilean actor Marcelo Alonso as the patriarch and surgeon for the contest; Ianis Guerrero (Antonio) and Luis Ernesto Franco.

miss 89 is the first Mexican production of Starz Play, in conjunction with Pantaya, Fable and Freemantle, and will be directed by Nicolás Puenzo, Lucía Puenzo, Silvia Quer and Jimena Montemayor. It should be noted that those responsible are the same behind the successful Chilean television series The pack. In the producers section are Juan de Dios Larraín and the director Paul Larrain (spencer).

Release date

All eight episodes of the series miss 89 can be enjoyed through the STARZPLAY platform on February 27.


“There is no such thing as a perfect woman!” says a character in the trailer. Not even in the seemingly idyllic beauty pageants? Either. And it is that the new series of STARZPLAY is in charge of reaffirming that saying that says «Not all that glitters is gold». miss 89 It is the new fiction series of the platform streaming exploring the dark side of glamor Mexican in the midst of machismo, corruption and violence.

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