Michael Myers is accused of being homophobic in Halloween Kills


In one of the new episodes of the internet, this week’s narrative is focused on a discovery that Internet users have made and condemned through social networks. This time it’s about Michael Myers, the mythical killer villain who recently returned to the screens with Halloween Kills, and that he has now been singled out as homophobic for a particular scene in said film involving the murder of an LGBT couple.

If you haven’t seen the new movie by David gordon greenWe recommend that you stop reading from this point on. If you are adventurous and want to find out in any way, you should know that in the latest production of Halloween, the murderer returns to the town of Haddonfield to indiscriminately kill whoever crosses his path. However, the protagonists soon discover that the monster’s main mission is to return to its childhood home. A house that is now inhabited by a middle-aged homosexual couple.

For much of the footage, we are shown the dynamics of this couple. They are two men trying to spend a pleasant evening on Halloween, accompanied by horror music, a selection of cheeses, glasses of wine, a little marijuana, and … Michael Myers. Of course, the murderer in the white mask subdues the couple and murders them in cold blood, and then arranges their bodies in the study on the upper floor of one of them.

While some might find this LGBT element in the film to be inclusive, especially since the couple’s sexual preferences are never mocked during the minutes of its appearance, some others suggest that Michael Myers may be homophobic for having murdered the couple.

Through Twitter, there were many voices that indicated that they presented a conflict with the scene and said narrative. If Michael Myers was able to murder a gay couple and also arrange their bodies in a quite creative way, surely it is a sign that he is one more homophobic.

“Halloween Kills was great, but why did Michael have to kill the gay couple … Michael Myers is confirmed homophobic.”

“Michael Myers is homophobic”

On the other hand there are those other voices that disagree with the assertions that a retrograde Myers is. In the movie, the monster arranges the bodies of the couple in such a way that they seem to recreate a photograph that they both have in a frame. A beautiful beautiful memory where both of them lie together even in death, albeit seasoned with a hint of knives and a bit of blood.

Michael is an artist. This shows that Michael Myers is not homophobic and that he kills anyone regardless of age, race and even sexuality. Please don’t hate me for this, it’s just a joke. “

They can draw their own conclusions by watching the movie. Halloween Kills it is currently being held in Mexican theaters just in time for Halloween. You can read the review he made Cinema PREMIERE from the movie here.

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