Michael J. Fox just understood the “spirit” of the movie Back to the Future


From an eighties movie to an unforgettable classic, Return to the future does not lose audience, emotion and iconicity. How many of us do not dream of traveling in a DeLorean through time (or at least having a scale model of the vehicle for the collection). On the other hand, we all remember the pure story and its protagonists with great fondness: an absent-minded young man from high school and a noble mad scientist who, together, make up one of the most memorable pairs in movie history. The truth is that each fan’s experience is different; consequently, the reasons for venerating that Robert Zemeckis tape are innumerable.

And as regards Michael J. Fox —The interpreter of Marty McFly in the 1985 film— he perceives her charm in a rather personal, but no less poignant and thoughtful way.

This week, an interview saw the light that the magazine AARP held exclusively with Michael J. Fox, who curiously brought up the subject of Return to the future before the interviewer. The retired actor mentioned that movie title at a very deep point in the conversation. Words earlier, Fox was talking about going through a darkness of thought, partly caused by Parkinson’s disease that was diagnosed more than 20 years ago. However, he learned – according to AARP– that the key to staying optimistic was to be grateful.

The question was immediately posed to him of what other things help him to keep moving forward. To this, Michael J. Fox replied: «¡¡Return to the future! ”, A film that he immediately described as“ amazing ”. He also said that “people of all ages” still approach him to talk about that adventure comedy. And although he previously did not understand the reason for such widespread enthusiasm – which also transcends generational barriers – he obtained clarification after a Christmas viewing of the film.

I found her on television last Christmas. And i thought i was really good at her, better than i thought i had been [en el papel de Marty]”Said Fox.”More importantly, I understood the spirit of the movie. I understood that we all need to take credit for what we’ve done and the lives we’ve touched. And from time to time take a step back and appreciate that much of life has been great and that there is so much more to live«.

He added to his response that he previously chose not to watch his television work from when he was young. “Then he was healthier and showed no signs of Parkinson’s,” he said, hinting that he preferred not to revisit those times when the disease had not yet manifested itself. However, he eventually learned that boxer Muhammad Ali, also suffering from Parkinson’s, used to watch recordings of his fights for hours. So he decided to follow suit.

“I thought, ‘Yeah, I’d love that too.’ It is a legacy, some graffiti that leaves a message of positivity«, He commented in the same talk.

At the end of the interview, the magazine AARP he asked Michael J. Fox what he would like his legacy to be. The 60-year-old personality responded, among other things, that he would like “people to see sincerity in the things I have said and done,” as well as continue to enjoy his acting work. But also, as a kind of “vanity”, Fox celebrates having been an unexpected motivation for future musicians, as a result of that cinematic sequence where Marty McFly plays a legendary Chuck Berry song.

«A lot of really great guitarists have approached me over the years and told me that they picked up the guitar because of the “Johnny B. Goode” scene in Return to the future. If I did anything in this life, I got John Mayer to take up the guitar! “

Return to the future It is part of the Netflix Latin America catalog.

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