Mexico box office: Shang-Chi, two weeks at the top


The top 10 box office of Mexico apeeeenas scratched the million viewers (if we consider the long weekend, from Thursday to Sunday) and is heading to dark times for the remainder of September … unless Escape Room 2, Chilangolandia, Cry Macho, Anibo and Fire night do spectacular numbers, which sounds a bit unlikely.

For the second week in a row, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings stayed in 1st place weekly. Present on 2,615 screens, the MCU’s 25th film totaled $ 27.5 million (that is, it lost a reasonable 40%) and brought its accumulated to $ 85.9 million and 1.2 million viewers. In the “summer Disney combo” Shang Chi is half in collection, behind Cruella and Black widow, and in front of Free guy and Jungle cruise.

Variant 308 of “Liam Neeson as an action hero” hit Mexican theaters. Thus, as part of the unofficial ‘TakenVerse’ it was released Subzero risk in 1,440 national theaters. Their numbers were discreet: $ 11.8 million pesos AND 179 thousand tickets sold. Mind you: Zima can boast that he has two movies in the top 10: this one and Assault on the Mint.

Mexico box office shang-chi

With almost the same number of screens (1,394) it debuted Evil oneBut here in the US and 68 other territories it started with horrible numbers. It barely made $ 10.2 million and 155,800 viewers, which does not look good for the director of Insidious and The spell ‘original’ or for a genre (terror) that the Mexican viewer applauds on a daily basis.

Tomorrow Wednesday (27th in Mexican cinemas), Paw Patrol The Movie It will reach $ 50 million pesos, with just over 800 thousand viewers (on Sunday, it was $ 48.1 million pesos). The other animation in the count, A rescue of little eggs, it completed a month on the billboard and brought its accumulated to $ 46.7 million and 825,500 viewers. Thanks to its numbers, Videocine, its distributor, can boast $ 1,000 million dollars raised by animations released this century.

Free Guy: Taking Control It also completed a month in the count, with 100,000 more viewers than Los Huevos (926,900) and $ 62.3 million. Faced with a weak second half of September, it is possible that it will reach the mark of 1 million tickets sold. Are all the films that meet a month in theaters? No; in 8th appears Don’t breathe 2, sequel that accumulates $ 36.7 million courtesy of 590,400 viewers.

an egg rescue movie

And since we are talking about long-lived proposals, it is the turn of the film with the most weeks (six) in the Top 10: The Suicide Squad. Available on HBO Max, it still added $ 1 million in Mexican theaters and brought its accumulated to $ 101.8 million and 1.4 million tickets sold.

Sandwiched by these proposals, there are two more, smaller ones at the box office. In 6th, After 3: Lost Souls (2nd week, 878 screens) brought its accumulated to $ 11.1 million and 170,100 viewers. And in 9th, Assault on the Mint (3rd week, 504 screens) that accumulates $ 12.5 million and 202,600 viewers.

CP290-Suicide Squad

Top 10. Box office in Mexico
Weekend 37. From September 9 to 12, 2021

  1. Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings $ 27.5 million (Disney)
  2. Risk below zero $ 11.8 million pesos (Zima)
  3. Evil $ 10.2 million (Warner Bros. Pictures)
  4. Paw Patrol: The Movie $ 4.7 million (Paramount Pictures)
  5. Free Guy: Taking Control $ 3.7 million (Disney)
  6. After 3: Lost Souls $ 2.8 million (Diamond Films)
  7. A rescue of eggs $ 2.5 million (Videocine)
  8. Don’t breathe 2 $ 1.5 million (Sony Pictures)
  9. Assault on the Mint $ 1.4 million (Zima)
  10. Suicide Squad $ 1.0 million (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Corollary: GIFF

The proposals for the Mexican movie buff who wants to go to the movies do not stop. There are more than 60 films in theaters, and this weekend kicks off the GIFF in three locations: Irapuato, León and San Miguel de Allende. In total 188 contents will be screened there.

As a mental note, I keep thinking that Stehpanie Salas is having the best year of her career this century – her name was mentioned over and over again in Luis Miguel: The Series, (well, it was “Sophie”); Now she is cooking at Master Chef México Celebrity and this week she will have her leading film debut, at GIFF, with Free Days, debut feature by Ulises Pérez Mancilla.

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