Megan Fox shares first photos of her character in Expendables 4


Filming of The Expendables 4 It has started and Megan Fox decided to share some photos to celebrate the occasion. They consist of two portraits where the actor is seen dressed in the clothing of his character, of which there are no details yet. However, it is very clear that with such a set, the actor will kick butt left and right, whether on the side of heroes or villains. Which one do you bet on?

Within this article, you will be able to notice the two photos that Megan Fox published this week on Instagram Stories (via). Both would have been taken from the set of The Expendables 4, whose filming is currently taking place in London. The first one shows the actress in full body, with a black fighting outfit that fits the style of the “Indestructibles.” However, it is still too early to know if Fox will play an ally of the mercenaries or a dangerous rival. And clearly the second photograph does not provide enough clues either. There she varies the dress with a leather jacket and a thick silver necklace.

In August, reports came in about which celebrities were about to join the tough film franchise through a fourth installment. Along with Megan Fox, the name of the Thai also sounded Tony jaa (Furious 7) and rapper Curtis Jackson, by all known as 50 Cent. A month later, the Oscar nominee Andy Garcia joined the cast to play a CIA agent.

On the other hand, rest assured that Sylvester Stallone (Barney Ross), Jason statham (Lee Christmas), Dolph lundgren (Gunner Jensen) and Randy couture (Toll Road) will be back. At the head of The Expendables 4 Features former stunt coordinator Scott Waugh, who directs from a script co-written by Max Adams, Spenser Cohen and John Joseph Connolly. At the moment there is no official synopsis.

Like Megan Fox, the celebrated Sylvester Stallone misses no opportunity to express enthusiasm for the new Expendables. Through Instagram, the veteran actor has shared several images that attest to his commitment to the production. For instance, the photo of a bulky ring —With the inevitable skull— that he himself designed for the film. “It’s a bit heavy, but it will definitely put some muscles on your fingertips,” he wrote.

In another post, Stallone poses smiling in the company of Jason Statham from the set of The Expendables 4, thereby celebrating the start of filming. Unfortunately there is still no release date for this sequel.

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