Meet the new original Mexican productions of HBO Max


With the purpose of telling stories from each country, giving space to different local voices and celebrating, specifically, the traditions of our country, HBO Max announces the development of two new Mexican fiction productions: A weird world and Enigma Guadalupe. Through a statement, the platform streaming wishes to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the independence of Mexico with both projects full of music, archeology, characters, culture and stories, under the seal of WarnerMedia Latin America.

A weird world

HBO Max bets on a fictional drama inspired by the music and life of one of the most important and legendary singers of the Mexican region: Jose Alfredo Jimenez, who was immortalized thanks to iconic songs like “The King.” The story has been created and written by Carlos Algara (Veronica; Dani Who?; The Dragon: Return of a Warrior). Here is the official synopsis of the project:

«The series tells how, through the spell of a gypsy, José Alfredo Jiménez exchanges his body with Lucía, a 20-year-old from 2021 who is not a fan of his work. Both must adapt to a completely different time, knowing that the decisions they make can change the life of the other, and even of an entire country, forever. “He wrote songs … She will rewrite the past.”

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Mexican series HBO Max

Enigma Guadalupe

The premise of this production rescues an episode from a novel by Francisco Ortega (The verb Kaifman(2015); Lodge(2014) andAndinia, the Antarctic cathedral(2016)), who recounts how a century after the 1921 attack on the Basilica of Guadalupe, a new attack against this sanctuary apparently destroys the most revered sacred relic in Mexico.

“Within the narrative, an intrepid archaeologist of unconventional methods named Mariana Montenegro, is involved in the case and is forced by those responsible for the attack to work with them and decipher the secret behind the tilma of the Virgin of Guadalupe” . «The tilma turns out to be in reality an enigma encoded in a dead language, of which Mariana is the greatest expert in the world, having to explore corners and decipher hidden mysteries of the great Latin American capital, in an adventure against the clock where each encryption solved It leads to a more disturbing one and what they will find in the end could change the history of the world.

A weird world and Enigma Guadalupe They lack a release date through the HBO Max signal.

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