Meet the cast of the last season of Luis Miguel, the series

The Sun will be back for a final and third season of Luis Miguel, the series on Netflix! And because there are still several unknowns and passages to be cleared in the life of the singer, the giant of streaming revealed the all-new cast that will join the denouement.

From social networks, Netflix Latin America released the following list with the names of the actors and actresses who will debut in the series:

  • Jade Ewen as Mariah
  • Plutarco Haza as Humberto
  • Sebastián Zurita as Alex (adult)
  • Carlos Ponce as Miguel
  • Alejandra Ambrosi as Karla
  • Miguel Rodarte as Daniel
  • Mauricio Abad as Sergio (adult)
  • Antonio Mauri as Julián

«The sun is back! This is the cast that joins the third and final season of Luis Miguel, the series. Coming soon to Netflix ».

Luis Miguel cast third season
Source: Netflix Latin America

In this way it is presumed that Jade ewen (British singer and actress of Jamaican descent) will be in charge of interpreting, presumably, Mariah Carey, who was a sentimental partner of Luis Miguel. On the other hand we have the singer and actor Carlos Ponce to give life to Miguel, the singer’s best friend and Sebastian Zurita will personify Alejandro Basteri in his adult stage; thus Juanpa Zurita says goodbye to the character. Mauricio Abad He will become the adult version of Sergio Basteri, Luis Miguel’s younger brother. Finally, the names of Plutarco Haza, Alejandra Ambrosi, Antonio Mauri and Miguel Rodarte (Shared time).

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Season 3 of Luis Miguel, the series It still lacks a release date and official synopsis.

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