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When it premiered Heavy girls (Mean girls) in 2004, Lindsay Lohan and his little group of “Plastics”They took over the world. The film entered the collective consciousness of popular culture overnight and literally changed the way young people spoke and behaved. Many years later, the comedy it remains a mandatory reference for all ages and offers endless fun facts.

Today, Heavy girls is one of the most popular themes in TwitterWhich is funny when you consider that the rig didn’t even exist when the tape came out. What about the girls? We all know that Lindsay’s career has taken a nosedive and that 2 of them became real movie stars: Amanda Seyfried (Karen) and Rachel McAdams (Regina George).

Fans of Mean girls, raise your hand!

It was only once!

Mean Girls fun facts

Julia Chantrey, who played Amber D’Alessio, recalls coming close to missing the casting: “When they showed me what they had me read, all I saw was something about masturbation and a hot dog *. I remember thinking it was porn. But when they gave me the full script and I saw Tina’s name, I knew everything would be fine. ” * The line that appears in the “Burn Book” says that she “made out with a hot dog”, but originally what Amber supposedly did with the sausage was more… provocative, let’s say.

“I’m a cool mom”

Mean Girls fun facts

Amy Poehler is just 7 years older than Rachel McAdams, who plays her daughter. The only one of the Plastics who at the time of the premiere was the age of a girl in high school, was Lindsay Lohan.

Lindsay and bullying

Cady, the home-schooled daughter of 2 zoologists, returns with her family to America, where she fell to the temptations and influences of the popular girls, the Plastics, before she could find herself. In real life, Lindsay was bullied at school and better educated at home. Her father was in jail, her mother was partying with her and we all know about her drug-filled and partying fall. She talks about this in an 8-part documentary, where it seems like Lindsay is finally ready to find her true self.

Mean potter

What made Heavy Girls one of the movies with the most quotes, GIFs and mixes on the Internet? Take a tour of Tumblr and you’ll find some of the weirdest (and most creative) mash-ups you can imagine: From things like “Where Harry Potter and Mean Girls Meet,” to “Mean Girls of Panem” (mash-up with The Hunger Games). What sets Heavy Girls on Tumblr apart is that fans of other tapes and franchises hang on to her using her quotes to spread their own fanaticism.

Role models

Mean Girls fun facts

In a very sentimental letter to Damian, his openly gay character, actor Daniel Franzese explained why it took him so long to come out in real life. The letter was published on the IndieWire blog / Bent on April 22, 2014 and in it, the artist also says:

“I had the perfect opportunity in 2004 to show people the real Daniel Franzese. Now in 2014 –10 years later– I turn to see you and it was you who taught me to have pride in myself again ”. And later, “you were proud of who you were; I was an insecure actor. You became an iconic character that people looked up to. I wish I had a role model like you when I was a kid. Maybe that way it would have been easier to be gay growing up. “

Mean Girls: The Videogame

Mean Girls fun facts

Did you know that there is a Heavy Girls video game for PC and Nintendo DS? Although the game is focused on the character of Lindsay, her image was removed from the cover art, as her presence was considered “marketing poison” given her recent bad behavior.

“Yes, it’s me…”

“Do you still recognize me?” Says Jeff Moser with a laugh. “Not very often. But every now and then someone comes in and stares at me and asks, ‘Were you on Mean Girls?’ And I tell them yes, ‘I was the fart guy!’

But if Lindsay is a goddamn bread

Although Lindsay Lohan had already been cast as Regina George, she asked Lorne Michaels to change her role, as she felt the public would believe that she was that ‘bad’ in real life. Ironically, the producers had already cast the role of Cady to Amanda Seyfried, but Michaels felt Karen suited him better. (Is it because her breasts always know when it’s raining?)

Why Mariah?

Mariah Carey, who has made clear her fanaticism for the film on several occasions, makes a direct reference to Heavy Girls in the intro to her song “Obsessed.”

The best sentences

There are many made-up words and phrases from Tina Fey’s fantastic script that have become part of the common lexicon. Some are so embedded in the culture that there are people who repeat them without even having seen the film. And it is understandable because there is one for all occasions. And yes, the cultural references are still relevant. A personal favorite is: “That’s why her hairstyle is so big. It is full of secrets ”.

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