McCartney 3, 2, 1: All about Paul McCartney’s documentary series on Star Plus


Two important figures of music gathered in the same production: the iconic Paul MCCARTNEY and the American record producer Rick rubin. Together they are the protagonists of the new Star Plus documentary series entitled McCartney 3, 2, 1. Then enjoy the trailer, know its release date and discover all the details.

What is it about McCartney 3, 2, 1?

It is an intimate journey through the musical history of McCartney and Rubin.

“In a unique and in-depth talk, Paul sits down with Rick to discuss his groundbreaking work with The Beatles, iconic ’70s rock with his band Wings, and his more than 50 years as a solo musician. The series explores music and creativity in an original and eye-opening style, bringing Paul and Rick together for an intimate conversation about the musical composition, influences and personal relationships that led to the iconic songs that have become the soundtrack. of the lives of many ».

When does it premiere?

Ex-Beatle fans, music lovers and the general public will be able to enjoy this documentary series onWednesday 22 September from 2021. McCartney 3, 2, 1 is an original Star Plus series composed of 6 episodes of 30 minutes, which offer a unique and revealing look at the musical journey ofPaul MCCARTNEYand the legendary producerRick rubin.

McCartney 3, 2, 1 is directed by the Emmy Award winner Zachary Heinzerling (Cutie and the boxer; Dirty money), and is executive produced by McCartney, Rubin, Scott Rodger, Peter Berg, Matthew Goldberg, Brandon Carroll, Jeff Pollack, Frank Marshall and Ryan Suffern, as well as co-executive produced by Leila Mattimore. Made at Endeavor Content Studios, the series is produced in conjunction with MPL Communications Inc., Shangri-La, Film 45, Kennedy Marshall and Diamond Docs.

Regarding creative decisions and that notorious black and white footage, director Zachary Heinzerling spoke with Los Angeles Daily News to comment that it is a very minimalist work where sound represents color: «We take a very minimal approach to design, without titles or labels […] Black and white felt good. We had the idea that sound represents color«.

Likewise, the filmmaker shared that although the documentary is a production that all types of audiences can enjoy, it is actually a material designed for the most staunch fans of The Beatles:

“You want something that everyone can see, but you also want something where Beatles fans can learn something new. The way Rick and Paul confront each other and the intimacy of the conversation, the spark and the joy in the way Paul answers questions can make it universally visible. But I think our audience is mainly people who are fans and this is an opportunity to dig deeper and see real musicology, ”he said (via).

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Paul McCartney documentary Star Plus
McCartney 3 2 1 Star Plus documentary premiere
McCartney 3 2 1 Star Plus Premiere


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