Maya y los tres – Premiere, trailer and everything about the new Netflix animation


Based on Mesoamerican culture and directed by Jorge R. Gutierrez (The book of life) comes to Netflix the series Maya and the three, an epic adventure where the worlds of humans and gods will cross. Next, everything you need to know about the premiere of the new animation of the giant of streaming.

«The majestic City of Teak is my mix of fantastic versions of Tenochtitlán and Teotihuacán. The all-knowing eagle is our guide as the audience is taken to this ancient world for our story to begin… ».

What is it about?

The series is about Maya, a warrior princess, who when she turns 15 must embark on an adventure to fulfill an ancient prophecy and gather three great warriors to help her save humanity from the gods who want to exterminate her.

The portal IMDb presents the following synopsis:

In a fantasy world, where magic makes the world go round and four kingdoms rule the lands, a brave and rebellious warrior princess named Maya is about to celebrate her fifteenth birthday and coronation. But everything changes when the gods of the underworld arrive and announce that Maya’s life will be confiscated for the God of War, a price she must pay for her family’s secret past. If Maya refuses, the entire world will suffer the vengeance of the gods. To save her beloved family, friends, and her own life, Maya embarks on an exciting quest to fulfill an ancient prophecy that predicts the arrival of three great warriors who will help her defeat the gods and save humanity.

«Maya and the three is an animated adventure about a warrior princess, gods, and exciting legends that you don’t want to miss. A story from the visionary director of The book of life. Coming soon”.

“Visually we wanted to take our audience from around the world to a part of Latin America that we don’t see much of: the time before the Conquest,” said director Jorge R. Gutiérrez during 2019 to THR.

Maya and the threewill tell the story of Maya, a young Mesoamerican princess who will seek a way to save the world from gods and man, along with three legendary warriors. As explained by the director, these warriors will be “a magician from the Caribbean, an albino archer and a barbarian giant of the mountains.” He also added that these characters are related to the history ofThe Wizard of Oz: “If you dig into this, they are actually Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and the lion.”


Maya and the three has assembled an attractive voice cast that includes several Mexican histrions. The animated show is headed by Zoe saldana like Maya, but Gabriel Iglesias, Allen Maldonado, Stephanie Beatriz, Alfred Molina, Danny trejo, Cheech Marin, Rosie perez, Queen Latifah, Wyclef Jean, Jorge R. Gutierrez, Sandra Equihua, Isabela Merced, Chelsea Rendon, Rita Moreno, Carlos Alazraqui and, of course, Diego Luna, Gael Garcia Bernal, Joaquin Cosío and Kate del Castillo.

Release date

Maya and the three It does not have a specific release date, but Netflix promises that it will be in the fall of 2021 when we can enjoy its 9 episodes.

Official poster

Maya and the three Netflix animated series


Netflix animated series Maya and the three
Maya and the three Netflix premiere and trailer
Zoe Saldana Netflix

First advance

First trailer

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