Mauricio Ochmann: His films from worst to best

There are barely more than five months of the year, and Mauricio Ochman It has already released three movies and a series for HBO Max. Whether we like it or not, the actor has become one of the most recognized figures in Mexican cinema, and also one of the highest grossing. To the delight of his fans, this ensures that we will see him in more projects in the coming years. Today we review his filmography and we present Mauricio Ochmann’s films ordered from worst to best.

NOTE: For this list only those productions where the actor had a main role are counted.

7 women, a homosexual and Carlos (2003)

Definitely, 7 women, a homosexual and Carlos It is the worst of Mauricio Ochmann’s films.

This tape became his first leading role in the seventh art. In it he plays Carlos, a young man who at twenty-one is already married. The reason? After spending more than five years with Camila, his girlfriend, the couple now faces a much bigger challenge: they will soon be parents. Obviously, the pregnancy did not have to happen, and between the novelty of the marriage, a co-worker who tries to seduce him and his best friends who try to convince him that fidelity does not exist, Carlos will discover how complicated married life is.

Fortunately, this is the lowest point in Mauricio Ochmann’s career. To be honest, this production seems more like an episode of a unit program than a movie. The cast includes figures ranging from Ninel Conde to Luis Felipe Tovar, so you can imagine. Speaking of the story itself, this has little to do with the title of the film, it is mentioned from time to time, but it is never fully exploited. It has all the clichés that one can imagine, performances that stand out more for how cartoonish they are, and a handling of certain topics (homosexuality, for example) that is even offensive.

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I swear I was not (2018)

Ludwig, a talented double bass player, accidentally gets involved with Rebecca, a Spanish seductress, whom he helps to escape from two Arabs who are chasing her because they want to steal a valuable diamond from her, in the paradisiacal Cancun. The chase turns into a tangled mess when Ludwig’s overzealous wife and a wacky foreign ex-girlfriend show up on the scene. In the end, the overwhelmed musician discovers that who he has fallen in love with and who he has been helping all this time, is actually a jewel thief, who is not Spanish but Mexican, and that she has been the one who has stolen the diamond from the Arabs.

It’s ironic that such a simple premise ends up being so boring. I swear I was not It has a completely repetitive story, it’s practically an eternal chase with moments of comedy that look more like sketches from a 90’s show. Seriously, it even seems that the music is composed of a single tracks which plays in almost the entire film. It is not that Mauricio is wrong, but that all the elements around him are farcical. Wow, there’s not even chemistry with Martha Hazas, who he supposedly falls in love with almost at first sight.

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I can’t without you (2022)

Mauricio Ochmann movies

David is a successful businessman who has a comfortable life with his boyfriend Alex, an attractive gym trainer. One day, David’s sister Blanca reappears in their lives, with whom he broke off all relations after a dark event in the past. Blanca was accused of being the cause of the fire in which her parents lost their lives, for which she served a sentence in jail. She now begins a new stage and she is determined to return to the life of her brother to recover what is hers.

Ochmann’s latest leading man takes him out of his comfort zone. Here he is not in a pie comedy or a seductive lout character. We see him as a man tormented by his past and in a rather complicated relationship with his sister (Maite Perroni). He also stars in sexual scenes with another man and delivers even interesting scenes. The big problem is that this thriller It starts off attractively and ends up becoming just another movie of the bunch, wasting its potential and betting, on occasion, more on morbidity than on a good story.

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do it like a man (2017)

Raúl, Eduardo and Santiago have been friends since childhood. Everything changes when the latter confesses that he is homosexual. The problem arises when Raúl, the most homophobic of the three, does not take the news well and will do anything to convince his friend that he is only sexually confused. But in his fight to “transform” Santiago, Raúl will get into trouble that could jeopardize his relationship with his friends, his wife and everyone around him.

Do It Like a Man was a box office hit. In the summer of 2017, the comedy grossed a whopping $200 million pesos and got a good reception from the audience. Again, it was interesting to see Mauricio in a more grumpy and homophobic role, in addition, the chemistry with Humberto Busto and Alfonso Dosal was fulfilling. If it is not higher on this list, it is because of the overacting of Aislinn Derbez (his wife at the time), a large number of gags that did not fulfill their mission, and a treatment of the gay issue that, beyond providing a positive message, left a lot to be desired.

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I order you there (2020)

Mauricio Ochmann movies

Alex is an advertising creative who wants to fulfill his wish of being a father, but his wife Ceci, a successful executive who is in the best moment of her career, does not have the same plans at the moment. However, when Alex is forced to care for a baby that isn’t his, his life is turned upside down and his future as a couple seems in jeopardy.

Here between us, it seems that Ochmann’s best projects are those in which he plays a father or a character with goals beyond being a mirrey. The film has a clear intention to make a contrast between the way in which today’s women see motherhood and the whims of some husbands. Until then, everything seems that finally a Mexican comedy is going to go further. But minutes later, literally everything collapses before a story that goes the wrong way and ends up looking for easy tears from viewers. Mauricio does a decent job, but his character… ouch. Another case of good ideas and an execution that doesn’t do it justice.

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We’ll see (2018)

We’ll see is one of Mauricio Ochmann’s highest grossing films

Santi is a child seriously ill with his eyes. His parents are separated, and after a surgery in which Santi becomes aware that he may lose his sight, he decides to write a list of things he would like to see. Thanks to this he manages to reunite them, but he has another more complicated mission: to reconcile them. During the fulfillment of the list, the three will begin to get closer and closer, will they be able to be a united family again?

Fortunately, this tape avoids falling into the cake of the previous ones on this list. The presence of Fernanda Castillo and her good chemistry with Ochmann make us really see them as parents concerned about her son. Everything would be perfect (well, better) if it weren’t for one big problem: the film doesn’t find a balance between its tearful drama and comedy. There are moments where the only thing missing is a giant sign that says “CRY!”, because there is music, unnecessary screaming and a lot of drama. For better or worse, the public loved it: it became the highest grossing Mexican film of 2018.

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to bad (2015)

Mauricio Ochmann movies
In addition to being a success, A la mala is one of Mauricio Ochmann’s best films

Mala is a woman disenchanted with men and a great actress who, unable to find work, has dedicated herself to exposing unfaithful boyfriends. One day, an important producer hires her to star in a series, but in exchange for her, she asks him to make her ex-boyfriend fall in love with her and make him pay for all the suffering she made him suffer. Mala accepts without knowing that she will end up in love with Santiago, a successful businessman, lout on the outside and musician-philanthropist on the inside.

Yes, there are many prejudices about this type of comedy. Nevertheless, to bad It has no greater claim than to make you laugh. The chemistry between Aislinn Derbez and Mauricio Ochmann is credible, so much so that they ended up being a couple for many years thanks to this movie. Of course it won’t go down in history as a memorable comedy and it’s predictable from the moment you read the synopsis, but if you’re looking to have a good time and you’re not hater of Mexican comedies, this is a harmless option.

Available on Netflix.

and how is he? (2022)

And how is he? tells the story of Tomás, a man who has not done very well in love. Everything gets worse when he finds out that his wife is being unfaithful to him with a very charismatic taxi driver named Jero who lives in Puerto Vallarta, so he decides to go out and seek revenge and somehow get his wife back.

This is another of the most recent tapes in which we have seen Ochmann. Unlike other projects, in this one he shares the leading role with another darling of the Mexican audience: Omar Chaparro. Fortunately, it turns out to be a fairly light comedy that doesn’t take itself too seriously and has good chemistry between its protagonists, one of the best points in this story. Of course it has its mistakes and follows a fairly classic formula, but it’s quite entertaining. And at the end of the day, that’s what you’re looking for in a movie like this, right?

Coming soon on digital platforms.

What a father! (2022)

Mauricio Ochmann movies

It is the story of Pedro, a single man in his forties who likes to party, has no children and lives at night. Everything changes when he meets Aline. She mentions that he is looking for her dad and that there is a high probability that he is him. This will change the life of Pedro, who will have to assume his age and his new responsibilities.

As I mentioned, this actor’s best roles come when he takes on a character with responsibilities and consequences. Fortunately, What a father! It is a film where there is no easy comedy (so much), the story has something to say and has characters that like each other and have chemistry. The cast is another point in his favor, with personalities like Héctor Suárez (in his last film appearance) and Diana Bracho. Surely you have already seen many films with this premise, it is not at all original, but if you are in very good moodYou can even get a surprise.

Coming soon on digital platforms.

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