Matt Reeves wrote The Batman with Robert Pattinson in mind


In the spring of 2019, Warner Bros. Pictures confirmed that Robert Pattinson would play the mythical title character of batman. But before his signing was even a possibility, the director and screenwriter Matt Reeves already had the Briton in mind while developing his own version of the Bat Man on paper. At that time, there were no guarantees for Warner or for the filmmaker that an actor assiduous to independent cinema would be willing to participate in a mega production within the superhero genre. But it was precisely Pattinson’s work in movies like good time which convinced Reeves that only he could play Bruce Wayne with all his demons and nuances.

In a recent interview with MovieMaker, Matt Reeves first spoke about the wealth of a character like Batman, who in addition to boasting an exquisite inventory of weapons, vehicles and gadgets, is someone haunted by his past. For the director, it was of utmost importance that his film of the hooded vigilante highlighted such attributes.

“Batman is an incredible myth that has endured for over 80 years. And it’s because of that crazy mix. There is a part that is just great, right? He looks great. He’s got a cool car and all that stuff [increíbles]. It’s like James Bond, I guess, in a way, isn’t it? But there is also something very related to the pain he has been through. Those things are part of the story. and this story [de The Batman] emphasize those things,” he noted.

At some point, Reeves saw the thriller good time (2017) by the Safdie brothers: a modest $2 million dollar production that captivated the Cannes Film Festival and appeared in several award shows where Robert Pattinson – in his role as a hapless New York bank robber – earned nominations for Best Actor. “I had no idea Matt had seen good time And he thought, ‘I want to make a really dirty, sweaty Batman., shared the actor with MovieMaker.

Indeed, Matt Reeves was enraptured by that award-winning film, convinced of Pattinson’s enormous talent. Consequently, while writing the script for batmanIt got to a point where I couldn’t think of anyone else for the lead role.

“I was so excited about Robert Pattinson because he is such a wonderful actor. And I knew that he would be able to search with me for the depth and complexity of this character.” “I mean, I knew I wasn’t going to play it lightly.”

And I add:

“When writing, from the beginning, I was imagining the character in my head. And I started watching movies of actors in the age range. Really [Pattinson] he captivated me, and I started writing for him at a certain point. I had no idea if I would ever want to be in the movie«.

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of a short list which also included names like Armie Hammer and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, it was Robert Pattinson who ended up at the head of batman, to the liking of Matt Reeves. What convinced the actor? On the one hand, that the project was a true detective film. But in addition, Pattinson recognizes that this Bruce Wayne has a little explored instability, which undoubtedly became very attractive to him.

“There’s an element in the other iterations of the story where Bruce goes off, trains, masters himself, and then returns to Gotham City as a fully realized character,” he told MovieMaker. “The delineation between Bruce and Batman — the public Bruce, the private Bruce, and the Bruce/Batman — is very contained and he can control them more easily. [Pero en The Batman] the lines have been completely blurred. His self as Bruce is disintegrating«.

batman will hit theaters on March 4, 2022. The cast is complemented by Zoë Kravitz, Paul Dano, Jeffrey Wright, John Turturro, Andy Serkis and Colin Farrell.

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