Matt Reeves’ Penguin to get its own series on HBO Max


Previously it had been commented that the Penguin that we will see in The batman by Matt Reeves, he would hardly be a secondary character in the great cosmos that the film will signify. Colin Farrell, who is underneath Jacqueline Durran’s layers of makeup and costumes, commented that her involvement in the film is minimal, but the character build so complex and engaging to take it. Now the actor will be making up for it as it is discussed online that The Penguin will have his own television series for HBO Max.

It is evident that Warner Bros maintains an indisputable confidence with a film that still hopes to reach theaters in a few months, and of which the world has only seen a small glimpse with a trailer that is about to be published a year. . The security in the project already extends to a television series that will tell the origin of the Gotham City police department and is complemented by a new Show which will presumably star Farrell himself.

Details on the production are still very few, but there are. For example, according to Deadline, it will be the screenwriter Lauren LeFranc who is in charge of the television scripts. The writer has previous experience in shows What Agents of SHIELD of the ABC, or Boost which was part of the YouTube originals.

The same site reports that the story would be one of origin. They will be counted from the novice days of the Gotham City criminal, when still called Oswald Cobblepot, he climbed unprecedentedly in the world of the mafia and organized crime to build a criminal empire. The tones will be very much in the line of that classic Brian de Palma called Scarface (1983) that popularized the image of Al Pacino with a white suit and a firearm in hand.

Director Matt Reeves will serve as producer on this production, as well as the one mentioned about the city police. Details about the address, or who will occupy the title of showrunner, they don’t exist yet, but we will likely find out about them along the way, while The batman manages to reach theaters next March 2022.

Colin Farrell’s Penguin is not designed to be the central villain of the Reeves film. In fact, the character’s description places him as a still-early version of Cobblepot, who dislikes the name “Penguin,” which hardly becomes a popular nickname. The criminal will have a couple of scenes, but Farrell says he is very excited to see the result on screen.

“I’m only in it for five or six scenes, so I can’t wait to see the movie because my presence won’t ruin it,” the actor said with a laugh. “Really, it is a gift to me. I’ll feel a little awkward for the damn nine minutes that I have, and then the rest, I can’t wait to see how he [Reeves] gave life to this world.

The first reactions that have been obtained from the film already classify it as one of the best adaptations of the superhero to the cinema. Its main characteristics are that it has a very different approach that will make Robert Pattinson’s Batman something unique in the character’s mythology. In addition, the film is reported to have a tone very close to that of a horror film. You can read in more detail the description of the first pass of the film here.

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