Marvel is preparing a Thunderbolts movie and even has a director

Marvel’s determination to create its own suicide squad will find place with Thunderbolts, his secret film that will begin production this summer. As reported dead line the studio even has a director scheduled for the project and the script is already completely finished. Only the most important part is missing.

The Thunderbolts are a team made up of villains who serve under General Thunderbolt Ross. This team is in charge of carrying out secret missions for the United States government and of course it is driven by flexible rules and foreign to those of the Avengers. In other words, it’s Marvel’s answer to the suicide squadso seeing something like this within the MCU will certainly be exciting.

Eric Pearson was responsible for designing the script. The same person who was in charge of the libretto for Black Widow. Also recent reports indicate that Marvel has already found the right director to take charge of the project. Is about Jake Schreier, who is most recognized in the industry for his contribution to high caliber music videos, for artists like Kendrick Lamar, or Kanye West. In the cinema he has two tapes Robot & Frank from 2012 and the teen drama Paper Towns of 2015.

Schreier also has a certain track record on television. the tv series Kidding,Lodge 49,Dave Y Brand New Cherry Flavor they have counted on his support in some episodes. Just for Netflix just finished the seriesBeef,which by the way is a co-production of streaming with A24. Supposedly the director would have made a presentation of his idea of ​​​​Thunderbolts for Marvel executives and they were impressed.

A movie of the Thunderbolts It’s something that Marvel has been brewing for some time. Little by little the seeds of this project have been placed here and there within the MCU. especially from Black Widow and TV series like Falcon and the winter soldier. Reason why it is understandable that it is precisely the same screenwriter of the Scarlett Johansson film who was in charge of designing the story.

However, it is likely that the plot will undergo some new redesign. General Ross who should be the central axis of this film was played for a decade within the MCU, by actor William Hurt. However, Hurt passed away earlier this year and according to reports, Marvel does not plan to simply replace the actor, but to re-conceive the character.

As for the team that Marvel will choose to form the movie of the ThunderboltsNothing confirmed yet. The most famous characters to appear here are Florence Pugh’s Yelena Belova and Wyatt Russell’s US Agent. Other rumors point to the return of Daniel Brühl as Baron Zemo, Olga Kurylenko’s Taskmaster, Hannah John-Kamen’s Ghost, Tim Roth’s Abomination (who we will see in she hulk), and Sebastian Stan and his Winter Soldier are even mentioned.

We will likely have more news and confirmations soon. Since Marvel intends to film the project during this summer. They’re excited?

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