Marvel assured Zachary Levi that his character in Thor would be important

Years before scoring a resounding success with Shazam! (2019), the actor Zachary levi tried to make his way into the superhero genre through the saga Thor and the MCU. There he gave life to the tenacious Fandral the Handsome, warrior of Asgard and one of the faithful allies of the God of Thunder. However, playing this character eventually did not bring him the happiness he had imagined, despite the guarantees he received from Marvel Studios.

During a panel at the Atlanta-based Dragon Con 2021, Zachary Levi recently stated that “work in Thor it was a dream come true », as he grew up “devouring Marvel Comics” (via). However, his experience within the Marvel Cinematic Universe was not without a few sour drinks.

Levi was originally going to play Fandral from the very first God of Thunder tape. Although he had been selected by director Kenneth Branagh for that role, the actor had to resign due to his commitment to the television series Chuck. On Thor (2011), the role of Fandral finally fell into the hands of Josh Dallas, who decided not to return to that character in later MCU installments due to his work on the show Habia una vez.

So prior to filming the sequel Thor, a dark world, Marvel Studios opted to once again offer Zachary Levi the role of the Asgardian swordsman. Recall that Fandral is also a member of the elite group Warriors three (or the Three warriors), which is complemented by adventurers Hogun and Volstagg. This triad of heroes has featured throughout the entire saga Thor, although certainly the House of Ideas never knew how to give them even the slightest prominence.

In fact, Levi was close to rejecting his participation in the MCU again because he already perceived the deficient treatment that the production house was giving those fighters. However, Marvel managed to convince him through false promises.

To be honest, I had seen the first [película de Thor] and I really didn’t feel like the Warriors Three were used that well. So I said, ‘Hey, are you really going to use these people?’ And they said, ‘We’re going to use the Warriors Three a lot in Thor, a dark world. Much. Yes, you’re going to be busy ‘. And I said, ‘Okay,’ so I signed up for it. “

Thor, a dark worldIn addition to becoming one of the most despised films in the MCU, it also did not do the Warriors Three justice, as it even gave them less screen time. And for the humorous Thor: Ragnarok, directed by Taika Waititi, Fandral’s only appearance comes down to seeing him die at the hands of the almighty Hela (Cate Blanchett).

I didn’t have much to do, you know. And really nothing to do in the third movie. I knew I was going to die in the third [pero] I did not know that I was going to die without having said anything. Even the few words they gave me were eventually suppressed, “explained Zachary Levi at Dragon Con 2021.

But looking on the bright side, he added:

At the end of the day, I thought: ‘Okay, I’ll go on a trip to Australia and meet and work with Taika Waititi for a couple of days.’, because I knew that —even then— that guy was a genius. So it was worth it.

Now a member of the DC Extended Universe, the hilarious Zachary Levi embodies the splendid Shazam in the homonymous saga of this superhero. The filming of the sequel Shazam! Fury of the Gods began several months ago in Atlanta, Georgia, and its premiere is scheduled for the June 2, 2023. Directed by the same filmmaker behind the first installment, that is, David F. Sandberg. Its cast is complemented by Asher Angel, Jack Dylan Grazer, Djimon Hounsou, Rachel Zegler, Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu.

We will know more about this film in the next edition of the virtual event DC Fandome. It will take place on October 16 and will last 24 hours. Excited?

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