Martin Scorsese and Joaquin Phoenix aboard Joker 2


Between confirmations from some who have spoken of more or have mentioned it in passing, and some news that have escaped from official announcements, we can increasingly confirm with greater security that Joker 2 it will be a reality at Warner Bros. In fact, by now it is already known who will be the team of producers that will appear in the credits and the name of Martin Scorsese ticks there.

Previously, a lawyer for those who are in charge of supporting the great Hollywood projects, indirectly told The Hollywood Reporter that the sequel to the crime clown was already cooking. That article brought together the big names of lawyers who have industry creatives as clients and it turns out that Warren Dern had Todd Phillips on his list with the script of his Joker 2.

Since then, the study has been expected to confirm something in this regard, but months passed without such a scenario arising. Now the website Production Weekly has updated its database and included a project for Warner called Joker 2 with an assigned status “in progress” and with some other information about the cast and production.

Among the film’s producers is of course Todd Phillips, also credited as a writer and director. Other names on the list are Joseph Garner, Emma Tillinger, Mark Scoon, and Martin Scorsese. By the way, in the cast section only Joaquin Phoenix appears, which is already a surprise in itself since the actor is known for his dislike for sequels, franchises and any type of media projects.

To remember that Joker It presented Phoenix with its first Oscar Award and countless other awards. Despite the fact that the actor has always rejected the idea of ​​the awards, he was always very punctual to each recognition ceremony that year. He closed his visit to the red carpets when he picked up the gold statuette at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

No matter what the JokerTodd Phillips earned a rating for adult audiences, due to its large doses of both graphic and psychological violence, that did not mean an impediment for the film to make the dream box office profits that any R-rated film would want. His success with the public and critics began with his passing and victory at the Venice Film Festival and later with the various Oscar nominations that the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded him.

Many consider that the solo contribution of the clown from Gotham City, actually has a format and an adequate conception for a single film. However, it was unlikely to think that Warner Bros would pass up the opportunity to turn the unexpected success into a fruitful franchise.

We still do not know if Joker 2 will be the official title of the film or there will be some kind of more dramatic and striking subtitle for the film. For now, we only have to wait for news from Warner Bros. Excited?

The Martin Scorsese and Joaquin Phoenix entry aboard Joker 2 was first published in Cinema PREMIERE.


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