Mark Wahlberg would make a superhero movie… but without a cape!


With masked paladins now virtually dominating the industry, they’re an inevitable topic of conversation in any film or television setting. High-profile filmmakers are often faced with the question of what they think of Marvel movies, or if they would even consider directing one. For their part, there are actresses and actors —those still outside the world of Batman or the Avengers— who are questioned about whether one day they would want to wear a heroic mask. This week, it was the turn of Mark Wahlberg, who admits that he enjoys watching superhero movies, but he would think twice before participating in any of those projects.

In full promotion of the upcoming Uncharted —Sony’s film inspired by the video game of the same name— Mark Wahlberg gave an interview where the subject of superheroes came up. Ultimately, in Uncharted shares credits with Tom Holland himself, who comes from sweeping the box office thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, Wahlberg would not be so willing to follow the example of his young co-star, for the simple fact of avoiding the extravagant clothing that is usually characteristic of those vigilantes.

«[Las películas de superhéroes] I like them enough. I’m not one of those purists who says, ‘Oh, this isn’t cinema.’ I think the public decides and obviously they have been very successful. It’s just that for me personally, as an actor, I’d have a hard time getting out of my trailer in a cape and suit. spandex“Declared the Oscar nominee (via MovieWeb).

Indeed, it is not that Mark Wahlberg is at war with narratives about people endowed with extraordinary abilities. Years ago, he joined a film project inspired by The Six Million Dollar Manbetter known in Latin America as the nuclear man. Originally, this was a TV series about a secret agent who (due to a freak accident) adopts bionic implants, which give him superhuman strength, speed, and vision.

“I worked very hard to bring to the screen The Six Million Dollar Man, which is based on a television series. And it was based on many wishes fulfilled and what this character could do, based on what they did to him. But he was grounded in reality », he added in the same interview. “It was so much more believable and realistic, for me, to play that role and say, ‘I could do this,’ in a way that didn’t feel silly.”

The movie The Six Million Dollar it was announced in late 2014. Since then, there have been nothing but delays and constant replacement of the production and director’s chair. For now, the project is still alive, with Mark Wahlberg still involved as an actor and producer, in complicity with filmmaker Travis Knight (Bumblebee). In IMDbsaid title is in the pre-production stage.

Unchartedby director Ruben Fleischer, will hit Mexican theaters next february 17.

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