Mark Hamill to be in Mike Flanagan’s new horror series


In recent years we have discovered that perhaps the most attractive filmmaker for the horror genre these days is without a doubt Mike flanagan. The director began his career with Oculus, an ingenious suspense piece that brought out the best of mirrors, closed spaces, and alternate worlds. Over the years he is now known especially for the three series he has made for Netflix, each one better than the last. And his contract with the platform puts him on the path of adapting Edgar Allan Poe’s stories into an alleged series about The fall of the House of Usher. A few weeks into filming, now Mike Flanagan has revealed part of the cast and without a doubt the most striking name is that of Mark Hamill.

The mythical Luke Skywalker has been pigeonholed especially in that role that George Lucas gave him in Star wars, but in various projects we have discovered his potential as a performer. Whether as a flamboyant villain in the series Flash, or as a voice actor to bring the Joker anime to life, probably the most famous of any animated installment.

Now Mark Hamill will venture into terror at the hands of Mike Flanagan. And although there are not enough details about his character, the filmmaker at least assured that his role is a very surprising one that is comfortably sheltered behind the shadows.

In addition to Hamill, the Flanagan adaptation will also reunite him for the fourth time with Carla Gugino. The director already worked with her on Gerald’s Game, The Curse of Hill House and The Curse of Bly Manor, all of them projects for Netflix.

Legendary Frank Langella, Oscar winner for his portrayal of Richard Nixon in the drama Frost / Nixon Ron Howard, will work for the first time with Flanagan. His role will be that of the “imposing patriarch of the Usher family”, whose first name is Roderick.

Actor Carl Lumbly has also been called in to play investigator C. Auguste Dupin; and Mary McDonnell will play Madeline Usher, Roderick’s sister. The former already worked with Flanagan on his film adaptation of Sleep doctor. There he played the new version of Dick Hallorann. For his part, McDonnell will work alongside the director for the first time.

The Fall of the House of Usher It is one of the most famous novels of the Gothic Edgar Allan Poe. The story tells of a man who is invited to visit his friend Roderick Usher’s mansion where he lives with his sister Madeline. Unfortunately she dies unexpectedly and after the event strange events take shape within the corridors and dark rooms of the mansion.

Poe’s account is probably one of the most beloved and applauded of all his compendium. On many occasions it has been defined as a complex allegory about illness and death, in the midst of countless psychological models and representations of mysterious physical forms such as synergy, osmosis, personification, among others.

All of the above sounds hardly adequate for a creator like Mike Flanagan, who has characterized his style in the world of horror, as one replete with dark forms of terror, as well as elaborate and heartbreaking speeches about loss, family, depression. and romance.

At this moment The fall of the house Mike Flanagan’s Usher and with Mark Hamill in the cast, it stands as perhaps one of Netflix’s most important and anticipated projects. We will likely see her slide into the content of the platform until the end of next year.

Mark Hamill’s entry to be in Mike Flanagan’s new horror series was first published on FILM PREMIERE.


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