Mads Mikkelsen despises method acting: “It’s nonsense”


Staying in character, on and off the set, holds great prestige in the world of cinema. That an actress or actor blurs the lines between her own person and the role she plays continues to be a source of praise and raised eyebrows from people impressed by that level of commitment. However, the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen Far be it from feeling admiration, respect, or even interest in method acting.

The so-called “method actors” are those who, in search of an authentic interpretation, resort to radical techniques to adopt the mentality, motivations and behavior of their characters. From there arise cases that claim never to have gone out of character during the months of filming a movie, even when the cameras were not filming.

These techniques led to the rise of legends like Marlon Brando. And the figure of those chameleonic histriones —many trained with the Stanislavski System— achieved enormous popularity to the point of homage and parody. There is, for example, the dedicated character of Robert Downey Jr. in the comedy Tropic Thunder (2008), which becomes a mockery of method acting, and consequently, perhaps a movie to Mads Mikkelsen’s liking.

“It’s nonsense,” said the Dane about this type of interpretation, in a recent interview with GQ. “Preparation can drive you crazy. What if it’s a shit movie? What do you think you achieved? Am I impressed that you didn’t drop the character? You should have dropped it from the beginning! How do you prepare for a serial killer? Are you going to spend two years investigating it?”

In recent years, one of the most notorious exponents is Jared Leto, who boasts a history of extravagant acts and behaviors, in order to cling to his different characters. for joker’s suicide squad (2016), he is said to have given a live rat to his co-star Margot Robbie. And to Morbius (2022), Leto insisted on using crutches just like the eponymous protagonist. On the other hand, there is also the now retired Daniel Day-Lewis (Bloody oil, the ghost thread), who had a reputation for never getting out of paper until the filming of a film was completed.

About Daniel Day-Lewis, Mads Mikkelsen acknowledges that he is “a great actor” and someone he would enjoy working with. However, this does not mean that he does not stop perceiving method performance as something “simply pretentious”. And that, furthermore, the information media extol and applaud ad nauseam, according to what he exposes to GQ.

“The media is like, ‘Oh my god, he took it so seriously, therefore he must be fantastic, let’s give him an award.’ So that’s the conversation, and everyone knows it, and it turns into something,” he argued.

Mads Mikkelsen will be seen soon in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets, the new installment of the saga of the Magical World. He plays the role of the dark wizard Grindelwald, as a replacement for Johnny Depp, who had to give up the character in 2020, due to the scandal surrounding the legal dispute with his ex-wife Amber Heard.

Dumbledore’s secrets It arrives in Mexican theaters on April 14, 2022. Do you already have your tickets?

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