Lucy Lawless could be in Star Wars but fans ruined it


Following the firing of Gina Carano from The Mandalorian, fans immediately got down to business finding the perfect replacement. One of these replacements, and in fact the most recurrent, was the name of the actress Lucy Lawless, whom many fans of Star wars they would like to be involved in the franchise in some way or another. However, the contracts with Disney never happened and now the actress says that perhaps the matter cooled down precisely because of the fans.

While the actress was talking to the newspaper Subway, Lucy Lawless revealed that during that time when fans were clamoring for her casting, she was already in talks to appear in a Star Wars project that was not The Mandalorian. However, with the passing of time, it no longer received major news.

“Well, to be honest with you, I was already in discussions about something – it wasn’t The Mandalorian – something affiliated with Star Wars,” commented the actress. «[La campaña de fans] It could have hurt me in some way, because then [Lucasfilm] He couldn’t hire me because it would seem like it was just to please … I’m just guessing here, I don’t really know anything, but in some way it can be detrimental, because if they listen to this group of fans, they would have to listen to this other group, you know what do I mean? »

Beyond the castingOn the other hand, Lawless felt that his name suddenly intervened in political matters. It should be remembered that Carano left The Mandalorian after some controversial comments that she put on social networks and caused Disney to break relations with her. So the fans looked for his replacement and for this reason the name of Lawless was involved in discussions related to political comments.

According to the actress, perhaps all this caused LucasFilm to give up giving her a role in the franchise, especially since her name was in the opinion of the fans. However, Lawless has no grudge that he lost a role in the galactic universe.

“But that’s the way the world is and they meant it with love, and I thank the fans for their loyalty to me,” said the actress. “I haven’t thought about that since, so it hasn’t caused me any pain, but that was just my thought at the time, like oh, this makes me look like a political date, and not an actress.”

Although for now Lucy Lawless no longer has any live action project of Star wars On the horizon, in any case, the actress has already had some rapprochement with the franchise, at least in the field of animation. On occasion, he voiced a character who appeared during two episodes of Star wars resistance.

Lucy Lawless achieved world fame when she became Xena the warrior princess in a series of the same name that marked several generations that converged in the nineties. Later he also became a recurrent on television thanks Battlestar galactica and the comedy series Parks and Recreation.

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