LOL Mexico, season 4: Meet the participants


LOL: Last One Laughing It has become one of the most successful comedy formats worldwide. The Mexican version has given Prime Video a lot of success, so much so that a new season is about to hit the platform. What surprises does this peculiar house have for us in lol mexicoseason 4?

Created by Hitoshi Matsumoto, the series has given us memorable moments (for better and for worse) by letting us see what its participants are capable of doing not to laugh or to provoke the worst laughter in their opponents. And since three seasons have not been enough, this May 6 we will discover a new format of the award-winning series.

The main difference with previous editions is that the contestants will not participate individually, everything will be in pairs, including eliminations. The winning couple will receive one million pesos, which will be donated to a foundation chosen by the winners.

And since the double format could not be limited to the participants, Eugenio Derbez, host of the previous seasons, will be accompanied by his son José Eduardo. Together they will be in charge of putting on the funniest tests and challenges to end the stability of the house.

The participants of lol mexicoseason 4

These are the five couples that will compete for the million pesos in the new season:

Alex Montiel “El Escorpión Dorado” and Platanito: Montiel already competed and won in the first season, will he be able to repeat the victory?

LOL Mexico season 4 - Alex Montiel

Eduardo Videgaray and José Ramón San Cristóbal “El Estaca”: The duo that has caused laughter for years promises to put an end to the tranquility of the others.

Juan Carlos “El Borrego” Nava and Juan Carlos Casasola: Will they continue with the same humor as War of jokes Or will they be able to adapt to the new times?

Alexis de Anda and Ray Contreras: de Anda also participated in the first season, although she was the first eliminated. Will he last longer without laughing this time?

Karla Camacho and Isabel Fernández: This duo has become one of the audience’s favorites for their spontaneity and mental agility when it comes to comedy. Will they be able to overcome the more experienced heavyweights?

LOL Mexico Season 4 - Karla Camacho and Isabel Fernandez

The fourth season of lol mexico It is made up of 6 episodes. The first three will be available on Prime Video on May 6, while the remaining three, including the season finale, will be available on May 13.

Who are your favorites to win this edition?

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