Listen to the soundtrack of Amores perros


Listen to the soundtrack of Amores perros

Dog loves Not only was it a feature film that marked an era, but it also had one of the best soundtracks of the last decades.

The soundtrack it was an effort between Lynn fainchtein (music supervisor) and Universal Music, which is summarized in two discs. The first includes songs by Control Machete, Nacha Pop, Celia Cruz, Titán, Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas, The Hollies, Los Del Garrote, Banda Espuela de Oro and Fiebre, in addition to the score composed by Gustavo Santaolalla (who was about to say no to the film). The second contains original productions for the film, developed by Control Machete, Café Tacvba, Ely Guerra, Zurdok, Fiebre, Dover, Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas, Bersuit Vergarabat, Julieta Venegas, Banda Espuela de Oro and Moenia. A compilation of artists from Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Cuba, England and Chile that has no waste.

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Yes sir / Heavy / Of dogs loves – Machete control

After the success of “Much cheap” (1996), Control Machete produced their second album Heavy Artillery Presents… (1999), which includes “Yes sir” and “Heavy”. In the case of “Si Señor,” it reached international popularity, when used in the commercial Levi’s Crazy Legs«, directed by Spike Jonze) that appeared during Super Bowl XXXVI.

On the other hand, with “Of dogs loves”Control Machete became the group with the most songs on the soundtrack, which reaffirms its popularity in the early 2000s. “Of love dogs” It was written for the film and Control Machete and Ely Guerra collaborated on it. In addition, this song is accompanied by a video clip directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu.

Giants Fight – Nacha Pop

“Titans fights” is on the disk The moment (1987), which was the last studio full length released before the Spanish band broke up in 1988.

“Titans fights” has had various interpretations, but according to what he collected the newspaper El País from an interview with Antonio Vega for Rolling Stone magazine in 2006 (3 years before his death), the song speaks of: «A memory of the location of the dimensions of the human being in a cosmic environment, of the relativity between the greatness of man and his smallness in a grandiose and infinite environment. It is a play on words that leads one to think about the relative game between infinity and distance. ” A few words that coincide with the passion that Vega had for physics, the cosmos and mathematics.

Life is a carnival – Celia Cruz

“Life is a party”, by Celia Cruz comes off the album My life is singing (1998) and has become one of the most popular songs of the Cuban singer.

In addition to Dog loves, “Life is a party” has come out in good neighbours (Argentine soap opera 1999-2001), Antwone fisher (2002) and recently Sky Red (2021).

Heart – Titan

“Heart” included in the Elevator (1999), one of his most important hits and the single that launched Titan to fame.

Coolo / Stop, death – Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas

“Coolo” It was the first single from the fifth album Milk (1999) and one of the main successes for Illya Kuryaki & The Valderramas at that time. “Coolo” It also has a video clip filmed in the Parque de la Ciudad (Buenos Aires, Argentina) and which includes various elements related to The Warriors.

“Stop, death” was composed for the film and has a slightly darker tone that contrasts what they had been doing in previous materials such as Milk.

Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress) – The Hollies

“Long Cool Woman (In a Black Dress)”, from The Hollies appears on their album Distant Light (1971). In Great Britain it had a modest success reaching the 32 place of the popularity charts. However, in the United States it was a hit, reaching number two on the Billboard Hot 100, selling a total of 2 million copies (1.5 million in the United States alone).

It can also be found on the soundtrack of other productions such as Air America (1990), Remember the Titans (2000), The Longest Yard (2005), The Lovely Bones (2009), Trouble with the Curve (2012), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016) and Kong: Skull Island (2017).

La cumbia del Garrote – Los del Garrote

give me the power / That scratch the insides – Golden Spur Band

The Golden Spur Band made him a cover to “Gimme tha Power” (give me the power), by Molotov in the Grupera version, for this soundtrack. The group was no stranger to covers of rock since in “Hand over fist” (2000) the set made other reversals such as “I take” (Bersuit Vergarabat), “Everything goes wrong for me” (El Tri) and “Pachuco” (Damn Neighborhood).

“That scratch the entrails” was composed for the film and it is a theme that is more in line with its covers of rock than with their original music.

Titans fights / They have a caged ear – Fever

The Chileans from Fiebre came to Mexico with the help of Gustavo Santaolalla and his label Surco. Despite this, their passage through Mexico was not very successful, however, they managed to sneak into Dog loves with the cover from “Titans fights” and “They have a caged ear.”

They will kill me – Julieta Venegas

After participating in the soundtrack In the country of nothing happens (2000) Julieta Venegas composed «They are going to kill me ” for Dog loves. A song that holds a special place in the heart of the artist: “It is the first song of mine that sounded outside of Mexico City. I remember that, a thousand years ago, I went to Chiapas and people told me ‘ah, you sing one of Amores perros’ and I loved that this song was known, which is not for radio at all, because it has a strange structure ”, Julieta recalled in an interview for Excelsior.

Fan me / Dog: God – Cafe Tacvba

By the time it came out “Fan me”, Café Tacvba already had four studio albums (Cafe Tacvba (1992), Re (1994), Avalanche of successes (nineteen ninety six), Reverse/I am (1999)) and was emerging (if not already) as one of the most important bands in Mexican rock. “Fan me” is a ballad interpreted by Emmanuel “Meme” del Real, which includes an excellent video clip directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu.

For its part, “Dog: God” was the second extract that Café Tacvba created for the film, making a clear reference to the theme of Dog loves from the name and lyrics of the song.

ORonce more – Zurdok

After the success of “Synthesizer man” (1999), Zurdok would write “One more time” for Dog loves. A song that was based exclusively on the name of the film, since the musicians decided to record it without seeing the film.

They were also commissioned a cover of “Titans fights” that Chetes recorded, but that would later be performed by Fever.

Love is a bitch – Dover

After two successes with “Devil Came to Me” (1997) and “Late at Night”(1999), the Spanish band Dover creates “Love is a Bitch” for the feature film by Iñárritu. A track faithful to the sound of the Llanos sisters and one of the few in English on the soundtrack.

Dog love explodes – Bersuit Vergarabat

The song written by La Bersuit curiously appears on the soundtrack, but not in the movie. Besides being included in Dog loves, “Dog love explodes” was part of From the head with Bersuit Vergarabat (2002) a live album recorded during the celebrations of the 10th anniversary of the release of their first album (And period (1992)).

Tell me when the pain started – Ely Guerra

With this song Ely Guerra wanted to address the subject of suffering that is present in much of Dog loves, but in a more subtle way. “From the moment the film is seen or the script is read, it is pure suffering. So when the pain started I wrote it for Amores Perros and what I wanted was to address the issue as more intense, but I wanted to soften it in the production, that’s why I made a bossa nova with contrast, with this question of talking about the suffering of when a relationship ends , when you don’t know how to carry a slightly more digestible place … and I wanted to soften it ”, commented for Excelsior.

Animal side – Moenia

With the return of Alejandro Pichardo, Moenia recorded Addition + (1999) the band’s second album that would lead them to perform in the United States and Central America, as well as their first Show in the National Auditorium of Mexico City in 2000.

For Dog loves, Moenia composed “Animal side” an excerpt from synthpop that like other songs on the soundtrack includes barking dogs in the background; as well as Susana’s phrase: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans,” making a clear reference to the film.

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