Lightyear: Why isn’t Tim Allen the voice of Buzz?

Outside of that controversial kiss and the negative reviews, the conversation around Lightyear part in addition to a very understandable question: why is not Tim Allen the English voice of the title character? The sexagenarian interpreter assumed the role of Buzz Lightyear in the film toy story 1995, and in the three subsequent installments. So, from his filmography, it was written that a solo astronaut adventure should merit his participation. But those responsible for Lightyear they preferred to lean on one of the biggest stars of the moment, Chris Evans, to give voice to the intergalactic hero.

In a recent interview with Extra TVTim Allen’s reaction to fans being disappointed by his absence from Lightyear It was a strong explanation. “The short answer is that I stayed out of this because I had nothing to do [con mi personaje]»he declared.

This latest Pixar Animation production is inspired by that endearing character from toy story. However, as Allen points out, the point is that they are two very different versions of Buzz Lightyear. The novel solo film is not carried out by the doll, but by a real space guardian. According to the logic of its creators, Lightyear it is the movie that Andy saw in his universe and that inspired the fictional line of toys.

Tim Allen certainly has no problem with Buzz heading his own feature film. Years ago, he thought that such a film would result in something “very funny”, as he declared in the same talk. Nevertheless, Lightyear —which Allen originally thought would be a live action— assembled a completely new team, unrelated to toy story. And from Allen’s perspective, the astronaut version of him can’t live without the soul of that primeval saga.

“There is no Buzz of toy story without Woody», he pointed out. “As I see it, [Lightyear] It’s not a great adventure story. It is a wonderful story. It just doesn’t seem to have any connection to the toy. […] He has no relation to Buzz. There is simply no connection. I wish there was a better connection.”

Days ago, the director Angus McLane provided his own explanation for Tim Allen not voicing the titular character of Lightyear (via ScreenRant):

“Tim’s version of Buzz is a little more eccentric and a little sillier, which is why he’s comic relief. But in this movie, Buzz is the action hero. He is serious, ambitious, and funny, but not in a goofy way that undermines the drama. Chris Evans has the gravitas and movie star quality that our character needed to separate him—and the movie—from Tim’s version of the toy in toy story«.

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In other news, Lightyear It won’t be the summer blockbuster that Disney hoped for. Although estimates for its opening weekend hovered around $150 million in box office, the animated film ultimately had to settle for $85.6 million worldwide. Come in here for more recent global box office numbers, courtesy of Cine PREMIERE.

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