Lightyear: There will be an LGBT kiss in the Pixar movie


The Pixar team is very proud to have restored an LGBT kiss in Lightyear. And the world too. Disney showed concern and decided to remove said scene. But employees from both studios were unhappy and got him back in the final cut of the film.

In recent days Disney has been involved in controversy. Last week it was reported that the company had participated in the financing of a law called “Don’t say gay”. This mandate prohibited open discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in primary schools. An action totally contrary to the statements of the company’s CEO, Bob Chapek, to create “inspiring content” for its audiences.

pixar commented, amid criticism, that all their efforts to include LGBT content were stopped dead in their tracks by Disney. It was tried in Luca, Soul and Intensely,but the studio always preferred that all that content not be included. When the same story was repeated in LightyearPixar again disagreed, but this time managed to change the outcome.

“Nearly all moments of openly gay affection are cut at Disney’s behest, regardless of when there are protests from both Pixar’s creative teams and executive leadership,” the statement said. “Even if creating LGBT content were the answer to correct discriminatory legislation in the world, we are prohibited from creating it.”

Thanks to protests from Pixar, as well as from select employees within Disney, the LGBT kiss within Lightyear has returned to the final cut. In the film Chris Evans plays the real astronaut who inspired the creation of the space toy of toy story. Her crewmate is a scientist named Hawthorne, voiced by Uzo Aduba.

Although the character’s sexuality is never a central theme within the plot, the film does include an affectionate moment between her and her partner. Another character of the same sex. The sequence in question generated a lot of discomfort within the ranks of Disney. However, Pixar workers reported that the sequence has already been reincorporated into the tape.

This is perhaps a small step for representation, but a big one for Disney and Pixar. The animation-focused studio has also remained the focus of comments for the recent Turning Redwhere is counted the coming of age of a teenager, between taboo topics such as menstruation.

prior to that Luca it was also the subject of comments, for its innuendos of homosexuality in the close relationship of the two protagonists. Although nothing LGBT as such is ever mentioned, the general context of his argument defends people who are different. He also condemns all those who point to the origins of others as evil.

Both films can now be seen on Disney Plus. While Lightyear It will reportedly be the first Pixar film in two years to receive a theatrical release. His arrival in theaters is scheduled for June 17, 2022.

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