Law and order: Juan José Campanella makes history by directing the 500th episode


Today it is clear to us that the small screen has undergone great metamorphoses in terms of content consumption, and all thanks to the emergence of streaming. And one of the series that has undergone these changes, without a doubt, has been the long-running Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The series created by Dick Wolf does not rest and set out to mark a milestone by celebrating its 500th episode under the direction of the Oscar winner John Joseph Campanella.

Although there is a record that the law of the revolver Y lassie These are the series that also celebrated the broadcast of their 500th episode, with regard to Juan José Campanella, he made sure to turn the event into something worth celebrating:

“All eyes were on chapter 500 because it was a milestone. Everyone was very attentive. It had to be special, it had to be controversial, it had to involve Benson in a very personal way. Luckily, there is a great trust with the authors and the showrunners, it was a pleasure, ” Campanella said during a virtual press conference.

Season 23 of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit began its transmissions on September 23, 2021 and last night, February 15, it celebrated the broadcast of its 500th episode through Universal TV. And although it is a historical fact, Juan José Campanella is no stranger in the universe starring detectives Olivia and Elliot. The Argentine filmmaker has commanded a handful of episodes since the second season -including the episode that marked the return of Chris Meloni entitled The return of the prodigal sonI am the first episode after the quarantine- of the famous Show winner of 6 Emmy awards. But many things have changed and this is how he reflects:

“It is a series that has been evolving. When dealing with issues that have to do with society, especially in an area as important and as central to the changes of this century as the gender relationship, gender crimes, etc… it has changed its approach a lot, which makes it more and more interesting. As all the themes changed, it changed to what it is now, focused much more on the repercussions of crime”, commented the director.

Mariska Hargitay was one of those responsible for summoning the Argentine filmmaker and directing the 500th episode of Law and order Photo: NBC/Heidi Gutman
Law and order Juan José Campanella
Photo: NBC/Heidi Gutman

Regarding the evolution of television content, John Joseph Campanella is a supporter of streaming:

“The streaming They are a thousand steps forward for television. I welcome you. It is still in full swing. Now the characters have a personal story and a continuity in their relationships, that’s also thanks to the streaming. It allowed a change in the scripts and in the style. For both the filmmakers and the viewer, I think it’s a big step forward and I get the impression it’s going to continue to evolve.”

What happens in the new season of Law and order?

After the surprise appearance of the previous season, where Christopher Meloni returned after leaving the Show seasons ago, this 500th episode promises to be no less and proposes comebacks that the audience will appreciate. The retired detective, Nick Amaro, will say present as a guest star after leaving in season 16. The character played by actor Danny Pino, will approach the Special Victims Unit to ask for help and clear the name of a convict. With this, Amaro will bring a figure from Olivia Benson’s past to his life again. Who will that character be? Another familiar face that will join the ranks of this celebration is that of Dann Florek, the remembered former captain Donald Cragen, who along with Tamara Tunie (Melinda Warner) and Peter Hermann (Trevor Langan) will rejoin the team and will make this episode an epic moment that will end to crown the eye of Juan José Campanella, as guest director.

We can also enjoy the directing work of Juan José Campanella in the series the envoys via Paramount Plus.

Main image courtesy of Heidi Gutman.

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