La Venganza de las Juanas – Premiere, cast and trailer of the series


Produced by Lemon Films (Monarch, Control Z), distributed by the giant of streaming and directed by Pepe Castro and Rodrigo Ugalde, Revenge of the Juanas it’s a remake of the Colombian novel Las Juanas (1997), created by Bernardo Romero Pereiro and written by his daughter Jimena romero and Alejandro Reyes. Then see the trailer and know all the details of the premiere of this new national Netflix production.

«I always wanted to tell this story from a side that has never been done, the side of thriller, my favorite genre, and it lends itself perfectly because the mystery is found from the beginning. For me, in this reimagining of the original story created by my father that is Revenge of the JuanasIt was very important that the union between women be maintained and that the story be told by themselves, “explained Jimena Romero, screenwriter and creator of the series.

What is it about?

According to the titan of the streaming This serial story features 5 women, with the same birthmark and many mysteries to be solved.

“Five women who do not know each other unexpectedly discover that they share an identical birthmark. When they also discover that neither of them knows the identity of their father, they join forces to investigate if it is the same man, and why their mothers kept the secret.


The five Juanas are played by Juana Arias (Juana Matilde), Oka Giner (Juana Caridad), Renata notni (Juana Valentina), Sofia Engberg (Juana Bautista) and Zuria vega (Juana Manuela). Accompanied by Carlos Ponce -on his return to Mexican content-, Iván Amozurrutia, Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Pablo Astiazarán, Fernando Becerril, Federico Espejo, Carlos Athié, Verónica Merchant, Ana Ludyvina, Mauricio Isaac and Ricky del Real.

Release date

Revenge of the Juanas comes exclusively to Netflix from October 6, 2021 with a total of 18 episodes.

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Official poster


Mexican series on Netflix

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