La usurpadora musical film announced


The usurper, one of the most successful telenovelas of the 90s in our country with Gaby Spanic and Fernando Colunga, will have a new version that, perhaps, few imagined. It is a musical film adaptation entitled La Usurpadora, The Musical. The protagonists of this iteration will be Isabella Castillo (The Lord of the heavens; Malverde: The Patron Saint) and Alan estrada (Do you know Tomás ?; Day of the Dead; I can’t get up today).

The story is the one we all already know: two twin sisters separated at birth and who never met, one poor but very good and the other rich, conspiratorial and a very bad person. A chance meeting brings them together in Las Vegas and soon their lives are hopelessly intertwined. Isabella Castillo plays Valeria and Victoria, twin sisters who couldn’t be more different, and Alan Estrada plays her romantic interest, Carlos Daniel.


The musical curatorship of this version will include 15 of the greatest hits of Latin music of that time, such as «Life is a carnival, «My land», «Give me another tequila», «Bidi Bidi Bom Bom«,«Livin ‘La Vida Loca “,” Come back “, «With heels«,«Things of love” and “No you love me«. The film will feature dialogues and music in Spanish and English.

Cast and production crew

The cast of The Usurper, The Musical also includes Susana zabaleta (Sex, modesty and tears), Jesus Ochoa (Overboard; What is the child’s fault?), Cecilia Toussaint (Love neighborhood), Valentina (Rupaul’s Drag Race; Rent) and Alejandra Ley (Beat the past). In addition to the special participation of Alejandra Guzman (The set of keys) and Shane west, the protagonist of A love to remember (2002), alongside Mandy Moore.

Alan Estrada. Isabella Castillo, Shane West and Alejandra Guzmán

Behind this production is the director Santiago Limon (Cindy the regal; Rebel), who also co-writes the script with Maria Hinojos (Mirreyes vs Godínez). Highlights the name of the award-winning music producer Sebastian Krys, winner of 8 GRAMMY and 12 Latin Grammy awards; the choreographer Priscilla Hernandez, creative behind the Day of the Dead parade in 007: Specter; and the producer Matt walden, a former Columbia Pictures, Fox, and Arista Records executive who oversaw the music for Waiting to Exhale and Romeo + Juliet and was part of the creative team of the album Supernaturalby Santana.

The film, under the label of Pantelion Films and the production company The Lift Entertainment, is currently shooting in Hidalgo, Jalisco, Nayarit and Mexico City, and will be released in theaters in 2022.

TV versions of The usurper

The usurper is an adaptation of the Venezuelan soap opera The usurper (1971), with Raúl Amundaray and Marina Baura in the role of the twins. Televisa made a first version titled The home that I stole (1981), produced by Valentín Pimstein and starring Angélica María and Juan Ferrara. Later, the Mexican television station made a second version with Gaby Spanic and Fernando Colunga. Until 2012, Univision presented Who are you?, with Laura Carmine and Julián Gil. And in 2019 Televisa returned with a version homonymous starring Sandra Echeverría and Andrés Palacios, as part of their Dream Factory.

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