Kirsten Stewart plays Princess Diana in Spencer, bringing forth comparison to The Crown

Spencer has been a movie people have wanted to see since director Pablo Larraín first showed us the amazing transition from Kristen Stewart to Princess Diana. Even with Netflix’s The Crown, which focuses on such contemporary subject matter as that in its latest seasons, Stewart’s portrayal is what makes this biography, with its depictions of the royal family, so compelling. After seeing the teaser for the movie, it’s impossible to believe that Kristen Stewart will make this creepy video from Spencer an event.

Spencer wants to examine what happened behind the scenes of Princess Diana’s marriage, namely the critical Christmas holiday when she saw the “People’s Princess” (Jack Farthing) struggling to keep herself together. Pablo Larraín’s filmmaking is wonderful; his filmmaking and shooting work with each other to illustrate struggle and entrapment. Spencer’s newly released trailer to the world is very impactful. It includes only a little sequence of Kristen Stewart in her role as Diana in a revealing emotional scene at the shore.

Following Neon’s footage debut at this year’s CinemaCon, this first preview of the project is low-key. Stewart portrays Diana as she navigates her way through a purported transformative vacation. The film’s version of Lou Reed’s “Perfect Day” helped Kristen Stewart sink into her part in the video and culminate in a pivotal scene when Stewart’s relationship with Robert Pattinson’s character is established.

Spencer is a tale about what could have occurred in Princess Diana’s royal marriage at this point. Pablo Larraín has an eye for similar projects; Pablo Larraín, like Jackie, is tackling a difficult and intense time period with long-lasting effects. It’s hardly surprising that Kristen Stewart claims she finds it difficult to let the character go having played this part.

The phrase “haunting” doesn’t quite describe Spencer’s trailer properly until you compare it to the movie’s official poster. You can bet your money on Spencer getting some award consideration for the part Kristen Stewart has put plenty of effort into. The real concern of anyone seeing this image, however, may be the sorrow it may create. That outcome may be exactly what keeps people from seeing all the image offers.

Spencer will hit cinemas on November 5th, right in the middle of the film season, ensuring the most impressive box office takings ever. If you’re curious about what you’ll be seeing in the future, have a look at the release calendar.


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