Kimi: Someone’s Listening – Steven Soderbergh Movie Premiere and Trailer


Oscar nominee and winner Steven Soderbergh returns with one of the genres that he dominates best: the thriller. This time he presents us Kimi: Someone is listeninga film that will remind us a little or a lot of The woman at the window with Amy Adams, but with a technological and bureaucratic environment in between. Zoë Kravitz is the protagonist of this story, but the Mexican actor also appears Jaime Camil.

What is it about?

As if it were a plot mix between BlackMirror, The woman at the window (2021) and rear window (1954), the film introduces us to Angela, an agoraphobic tech worker, who discovers an apparent crime during a data stream review. Although she tries to report it to the heads of the company where she works, her efforts are in vain. So to solve the case and for the truth to come to light, she will have to do the unimaginable: abandon the protection and security provided by the walls of her apartment.

By the way, the script is in charge of David Koppresponsible for the area in other films such as Jurassic Park (1993), Mission: Impossible (nineteen ninety six), the last step (1999) and spider-man (2002).

The synopsis of Kimi: Someone is listening anticipates the following:

“The story centers on an agoraphobic tech worker who discovers recorded evidence of a violent crime during a data stream review. After being hit with resistance and bureaucracy by her company’s change of command, she determines to combat her fears to get involved (via)».

Director of Contagion (2011) told IGN that the film drinks directly from other tapes like the panic roomby David Fincher; The conversationby Francis Ford Coppola and rear windowby Alfred Hitchcock.

“Oh, absolutely. In terms of influence, those are movies that I adore and watch repeatedly. And then in this case add some the panic roomand that’s the mix we were looking for,” said the Oscar winner.

Despite all these fictional influences, the film’s plot is parallel to reality. And, what if the recordings of assistants like Amazon‘s Alexa could be used as evidence to solve crimes? Just as it happened with the double homicide of Christine Sullivan and Jenna Pellegrini.

“I had been reading about this case where Alexa [de Amazon] he seemed to pick up a recording of a murder. And that’s when I found out and said, oh, there are living human beings monitoring AI by listening to real audio files,” Soderbergh told ew.


In addition to the participation of Jaime Camil as Antonio Rivas, the film stars Zoe Kravitz (batman). also appear Rita WilsonErika Christensen, India de Beaufort, Robin Givens, Devin Ratray, Jacob Vargas, Caleb Emery, Charles Halford, Emily Kuroda, Noelle E. Parker, Leona Britt, Derek DelGaudio, Byron Bowers, and Beka Sikharulidze, among others.

Kimi: Someone is listening to a movie with Jaime Camil

Release date

The movie Kimi: Someone is listening It is already available on HBO Max from February 10.


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