Kick-Ass will return in reboot form


The director of the first film revealed that he will be back in a couple of years with a surprise.

The first Kick-Ass It has already exceeded the decade of life and even today it continues to be celebrated not only for its film quality, but also for how it works as a comic adaptation of Mark MillarYJohn romita jr. For this reason, it is not surprising that they are seeking to exploit the franchise again, although no one would have imagined that the form would be a reboot.

This was confirmed Matthew vaughn, director of the 2010 film, who in dialogue with Collider confessed: We have a big Kick-Ass reboot happening in two years. A great reboot. It’s so crazy that I can’t talk about it. But we have it ready. “

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kick ass reboot

“I had this idea and it was so crazy that I was like, ‘Yeah, great. It will cause so much controversy, and everyone will talk about it and so many people who love it will hate it. ‘ But I’m not saying it doesn’t have the characters and it won’t, you know. I’m just saying it’s not what anyone could be imagining. Y I’m going to need a very, very brave actor or actress to play the new Kick-Ass because it will scare them “added.

The truth is that we were all more expectant before a possible Kick-Ass 3 than a reboot, but things do not always go as we want and in these types of situations one can only ask: What need?

The Kick-Ass entry will return as a reboot was first featured on AmericanMovies.


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