Kevin Feige was the culprit that the Amazing Spider-Man 3 did not exist


According to the new revelations of a book that tells of the historical construction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, behind the acquisition and loan of Spider-Man by Sony, there was a whole conspiratorial plan that dates back many years from the arrival of the character to Civil war. In this story, supposedly Kevin Feige would come to be the main culprit that the saga «Amazing spider-man»With Andrew Garfield it fell apart, including other films about that universe such as The sinister six. 

It was already public information that after receiving the critics and the public of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Sony began to doubt its many plans already laid out to continue the franchise. However, the hesitations were still not sufficient reason to discard the plans for a third and fourth installments, which even already had scheduled dates for the start of production and theatrical release.

In addition, Amy Pascal, who commanded Sony at that time, had in hand the construction of an entire arachnid cinematographic universe where there would be a film focused on the superhero’s enemies, directed and written by Drew Goddard. The sinister six it was already practically a fact, since the prologue of that narrative was conceived and shown from the aforementioned second installment of spidey with Garfield in front.

However, none of that mattered when Feige arrived at Pascal’s offices with an offer that no one within Sony could refuse. The story that is told in The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (via),is that to design said offer there were secret meetings organized by Kevin Feige, which had the sole purpose of finding the best and most attractive proposal that would put an end to the plans of the saga The Amazing Spider-Man.

Weeks before Kevin Feige attended a luncheon with Amy Pascal, he arranged a meeting with Marvel Studios executives, in a kind of two-day retreat that took place at a Santa Monica hotel. If there was even the slightest chance that Spider-Man could make it to the MCU, Feige was definitely going to take it. But for this he wanted to present himself to Pascal with a perfectly designed battle plan. A plan that thought of all the possibilities and left no question to chance.

“With no time to waste, Feige announced a ‘hands on’ situation: every Marvel Studios executive producer had to be part of a secret two-day retreat, held at a rented hotel in Santa Monica . No one else at Marvel Studios was told what they were doing, it was only reported that it was a ‘reunion’. In that closed room, two questions were raised: If there was an opportunity to negotiate some kind of deal with Sony, how would it work? And if you could get something like a five-movie deal, what stories would you want to tell? “

From that meeting it was very clear and quickly and unanimously that they would approach a Peter Parker who was still attending school. The idea was to take advantage of every narrative that the day of going to school could provide. Homework, school trips, projects, end-of-the-year dances. All of this represented something totally different from what had been done with Spider-Man in the movies and also provided the opportunity to explore a kind of “amusement park” in narratives while watching Peter grow up with all the pains of adolescence.

At first Amy Pascal was offended when Kevin Feige told her that nothing of his plans with Amazing spider-man could workvia). “Why don’t you let us do it?” The producer suggested, and she reacted with tears, until she realized that Feige’s ideas for the character were really “another way of telling Peter’s story.”

The rest is history. Spider-Man first came to the MCU with Captain America: Civil War and later received his own solo film. The agreement reached between Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures, is something that Kevin Feige described to Amy Pascal, as something similar to when Christopher Nolan worked with DC in the creation of his trilogy on Batman. A borrowed character, in the hands of someone who knew how to do things.

Although Marvel’s contract with Sony was signed only for the creation of a trilogy, and in the same way that agreement extends to Tom Holland’s contract with the character, it seems highly unlikely that the millionaire fruitful relationship will end soon. According to Holland Spider-Man: no homecoming It feels like a sort of denouement for the young arachnid trilogy, so perhaps the student Peter Parker stage has come to an end.

We will know more when we can witness the licensing nightmare and the spectacular crossover of actors and stories, which will surely be Spider-Man: no homecoming. Perhaps Andrew Garfield will get his well-deserved farewell, snatched up by Feige, in a long-awaited multiversal film. It will hit theaters on December 17.

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